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Annie update and Blog

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Hi,Its been a while since my last visit so for those who are following Annie’s progress and the family's journey I would like to give you an update. After announcing the publication of the recent blog update, "Understanding Annies Brain" Annie was taken ill again.


We are not sure what happened to her yesterday, she was fine in the morning but in the afternoon she fell into a deep sleep and couldn't be roused. When I was finally able to get her to come to she didn't know who I was, who our children were or where she was. This was very traumatic and upsetting. I phoned for an ambulance and Annie was taken to hospital. After another scan, ex rays and blood tests no conclusion to this extreme loss of memory has been given.


However after a short while Annies memory and disorientation has come back leaving only tiredness and a little confusion. Its strange that I chose to discuss the subject of Annis brain and this happened at the same time as posting. We are now the proud owners of a ceiling hoist which will make things easier for Annie and me. Please feel free to visit and comment on the blog at www.chrisomalley.co.uk
Chris x

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Wow Chris. Good to hear from you.

A scary day for you Annie and family. No idea what happened there, glad she's ok but just to say that even now I can be completely laid low occassionally with very odd unexplained brain sensations and it's all I can do just to be still until it passes, it's like a short circuit and I previously ended up in hospital scaring my partner to bits again Once when it happened and I wasn't responsive but the episodes have become less frequent and intense over time and I can now recognise the signs and just wait for it to pass.

I am hoping Annie is doing better today. One thought , I cant remember if Annie has a shunt or not but I presume they checked that all was working ok as that could have similar effect if she went too high pressure.

Good news on the hoisting, that will make life easier.

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