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Annie update

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Hi all, we are now 19 months on since Annie’s SAH and we are still on our journey to our new normal. Annie was on a Kepra reduction but seizures interrupted the reduction and Annie is back on the full dose again. For those who dont know Annie, her SAH left her quadriplegic and I am now her full time carer. Annie is still Annie and her sence of humour and intellect remains intact. It has been quite a journey so far and we have eventually got all the equipment we need, from special turning sheets,various slings, ceiling hoist and an F1 powered wheelchair. All I need now is an extra room to keep them all in.


I would like to thank Behindthegray for keeping me focused and strong throughout those early days where negativity and helplessness ruled the day and for assuring me that all being well we would get there.
Finally I would like to promote my blog again. I hope that it will help and inspire others who like me struggled through the early days. Please share with others and keep smiling. Chris X


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Hey Chris, hey Annie. Good to hear from you and glad that although it's a very different world to old that you are adjusting and adapting albeit with lots of extra gear and gizmos to help. F 1 powered chair eh? Annie a bit free with the throttle is she? A lady after my own heart.

The focus and strength came from you chris , BTG just added some voice , experience and echo to help you continue to make those great decisions as Annie's advocate which is a very hard job to do but one which you have lots to share with others about the importance of speaking up, of caring buckets and always carrying hope.

Well done.

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Hey Chris & Annie - Ah the world of adaption yep life is not the same but enjoy a challenge myself and I think I'm stronger with it...


My husband is my strength but this site was a god send to me I found it in my darkest hours....


take care

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