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Incapacity Benefit

Guest Robert

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Guest Robert

In the news yesterday are "proposals" by David Cameron on Incapacity Benefit, although New Labour are equally capable of jumping on this bandwagon.

The doctors tell me that I am lucky to have survived my SAH, and I guess on the whole they're right. However, despite my best efforts to resume work, I cannot manage more than a few hours each week, and therefore have to rely on Incapacity Benefit.

I guess like a lot of people, there are feelings of guilt about this situation. I wish politicians would accept that due to advances in medical science, people are surviving things like a SAH, that in previous generations they would not, but have chronic problems that cannot be treated or cured, and that prevent them from returning to full-time work.

Why do they think that labelling Incapacity Benefit claimants as a problem helps anybody? It certainly doesn't help those trying (and not really succeeding) in coming to terms with their situation.

Excuse me for being angry, but I've been to work this morning and things just don't seem to be getting better and I just need to let off steam!

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Hi Robert,

You let off as much steam as you like .....I'm the same...

However, I think that it's the benefit fraudsters that have screwed us all, that we should be condemning..... and then, the questions that we have to answer, such as the ones for disability allowance also make us feel like frauds and that perhaps we're not quite as bad as we think that we are, so it stops us from applying, as we've already sown that seed of doubt in our own minds.....

I can understand why the questions are like they are, especially when there are people ripping off the system, left, right and centre ..... in the real world, there's only so much money in the pot and this has to be paid for, from somewhere and somebody ..... however, it's not fair to be made to feel like we do, when we've suffered something like this. If only the fraudsters and the officials could walk a mile in our shoes ...... I'd be willing to swap, any day....... but, I blame the "Benefit cheats" and despise them with a passion .....

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I have been in receipt of Incapacity Benefit for some time now having suffered a stroke in the nineties and now with the SAH, prostate cancer etc I'm still having to re-apply at intervals and it is very worrying.

I appreciate they have to weed out malingerers

but I'm sure from checks they should make with doctors etc they can tell the genuine ones.

I have now also been awarded DLA as I now have arthritis of the neck and spine but again I have to reapply in 5 years. From enquiries I have made the re application is treated as if its your first and could be dealt with by a different person who may refuse it and then you have to appeal, do we need this extra worry? People in our position ie: SAH sufferers I would imagine need less stress not more.



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Hi John,

From what I've read, most applicants are turned down when they initially apply for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) ...... it's pretty disgusting, but I blame the people that have abused the system ..... unless tax payers want to see a huge increase in their NI or Taxes, then I don't see this problem getting any easier for the people that are really in need. We're all treated as though we're about to rip off the system and that's obvious, in the treatment that we receive and the questions that are asked. But, you're right, genuine applicants don't need the extra stress/hassle, so something needs to be done....

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