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Employment and Disability Service (EADS)

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well? I don't often post anymore, but I made an important discovery today and I feel the need to share!


I've been back to work for over three years now. My initial return was very challenging and unsupported which resulted in a change of role within the business. Today, I had an appointment with EADS. It was a very interesting meeting, and I'd like to share what I learned for anyone who is currently considering a return to work.


My bleed was in August 2011 and I went back to work 53 weeks later. I wasn't actually ready, but the reason for my return was that they had started proceedings to dismiss me for capability. I was only entitled to contributions based benefits which were about to end and so in a bit of a panic, I argued their decision. I began a phased return, but no reasonable adjustments were made in spite of recommendations from the occupational health team.


In the meeting today with EADS, I found out that work should not have begun these proceedings so early on. Reasonable adjustments MUST be made under the equalities act and when I moved departments, my phased return should have continued. Instead, and because of a lack of knowledge and understanding on my part, I jumped from 20 hours to 40 over the space of a weekend. Reasonable adjustments were not made until 13 months later when I ended up in hospital and had 3 months off sick as I was so unwell.


If you are considering a return to work, please, please make yourself known to EADS. You self-refer and they have drop-in sessions at the job centre. It is a service that you are entitled to receive. They liaise with employers on your behalf. Everything is out in the open, the employer is made aware of your circumstances, deficits and strengths. Reasonable adjustments are discussed and confirmed before employment starts and EADS stay involved for a while after you have started.


I just wanted to share this, because had I known about EADS when I first went back to work, I'm sure my return would have been far less bumpy and exhausting. A return to work can be very valuable so please get all the support that you can.

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