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A Positive Story

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Just thought I would share a link to a short interview with James Cracknel and his wife that was on the Jeremy Vine (BBC radio 2) show on Friday the 27th of November. A short ish piece (approach 69 minutes into the show; you can skip along to the appropriate bit):




It says it's got 12 days to run, but it should be there for longer...


Background to this is that James Cracknel ex olympic rower (I think) acquired a brain injury when he was whacked in the back of head by a lorry while cycling in the US. There are a number of positive things in this story, but particularly the one for me right now, was how even three to five years out from the injury, he is still making significant improvements. It's different for all of us, and an SAH is different from a traumatic injury, nonetheless still encouraging so I thought I would share.



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Just listened to it, and I thought he was a bit grumpy when on a show with Ben Fogle.


I cry a lot and sometimes swear when things don't go right, I must be a nightmare to live with. !!


I notice I get the hump when I get spoken about as if I am not there !! like this "So how is Win doing" ....hello I am here !!


Keep well Greg and keep smiling  xx Oh do you want to join in the best carol, Subs and Carolyn are doing it lol xx I'll butt in though


Win xx

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Hello Greg!  I'm Carolyn - Win's official singing partner.  Subs is also a partner when he isn't too busy drinking latte after latte.  Win's a chocolate girl and I am a chocolate/latte girl.  


Story of James Cracknel very good to read and great he is making improvements.  You, also.


Win, Subs and I wish to extend an invitation to the caroling club.  


Take care and "keep on Truckin" with your personal improvement.



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Hi Carolyn,

Glad you liked the post, for me just 11 months into this journey it give me a lot to know I still have a long way to go yet.

I accept your kind offer to join your caroling club, but I should warn you that my singing voice is not the best, I have yet to ever be complimented on my singing apart from to say that it is enthusiastic....... Tomorrow we have carols and lessons at beautiful old village church near us, so I will practice on behalf of the club!

I wish all the best of the season, enjoy your lattes and chocolates.


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