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CT Scan

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Went for my CT scan on Friday, it seemed to go ok even though I was really nervous! The radiographer was lovely but after he had finished he asked me if i'd got a consultant appt, when i said the 19th Feb, he said why didn't I leave it a couple of days and ring the secretary and ask if I could move my appt forward. I asked if the scan was ok and he said he wasn't allowed to say (which I understood), he then said again about the secretary. He then said or he might get intouch with my GP if they can't move it forward. He has made me worry even more, especially because of symptoms I've had recently! Has anyone had similar experiences?

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Hi Laura

If he's worried you that much contact the Neuro's secretary and let her know that the radiographer told you to try for an earlier appointment.

You would however imagine that if it was really serious they would contact your Neurosurgeon direct themselves.

Let us know how you get on and I know it must be hard but try not to stress out too much.

Sending you a big virtual hug.

Janet x

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When I went back for my first check CT the radiographer went and got my consultant rather than wait for my appointment. She had seen signs that all was not well and said that whenever there was an abnormal scan it was common procedure to get an immediate second opinion. Turns out I had hydrocephalus and needed to have further tests. She was talking to my wife and apparently they NEVER disclose "good" news as they are not "qualified"to diagnose scans just to take them. If it had been a standard scan she would of told me to wait until I saw my consultant and not attempted to reassure me as giving false good news is seen as bad as giving false bad news.

So not necessarily bad news on your scan but I can fully understand your worry about the lack of communication.


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