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V pillow v chillow pillow!

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I love the V pillow ..... you can use it on the sofa too and it will give you good support ..... If I go away anywhere, it has to come with me, as I use it during the day and at night. (Eric and Lauren also pinch it, when I've left it on the sofa and I'm elsewhere) I think that Argos were selling them and they're not too expensive ..... I've been able to bung mine into the washing machine too and it's washed up really well.

I got the idea, when I was in Southampton Neuro and a lady that had a brain tumour was using one and she sang it's praises and took it everywhere with her. I' ve also used it in the car on long journeys and you can position it around you head/neck to suit ..... it's good to snuggle up with and you can cuddle it .... Think that it's the best thing that Eric has ever bought me.

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Chillow pillow, I see the logic in it & for some its probably very good, for me I doubt that it would be so good, I cant control my body temp at times & you know the thing heat escaping from you head, or have I got the wrong idea of it.

Its just a thought.....


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