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Completed 3 months after SAH Clipping

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Have you asked Doc, Hopkins ?
I kept my headphones from hospital  lol (Thief I am)
I cant walk that far so I sing xx some start off with light yoga moves but forgot who it was, that's what it is like after brain bleed lol xx 


Oh Sarah Lou said she does it xx
I can't remember who said what it also could be Daffs/ Daffodil   xx Good luck
Win xx xx

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Laughed as thought win had called you Doc Hopkins! Hi hope you are doing ok.

Main thing is to check with your Neuro team to make sure but if you are discharged, physically in good condition then I imagine they will tell you to just build up slowly and gently and no reason why not.

Remember you had brain surgery very recently with clipping so probably no inverted moves, I can't do those now at all but have a permanent shunt placed and it's just uncomfortable but I do a small yoga based stretching routine every morning and there are plenty on here who are back to running, again that's not for me , I go walking with my stick But take baby steps, show moderation and gradually ramp up and listen to your brain, it'll stand you better in the long run.

Headphones, used mine ever since and no issues to report.

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