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Does anyone else have giggling fits?

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Hi LauraJane and welcome! :D

I personally don't, but I do find that I'm a lot more emotional since the SAH. I probably noticed it more just after the SAH and I could swing from laughter to tears.....it seems to have calmed down over the last few years, but I don't think that it's completely gone and it's probably worse when the fatigue kicks in. It's called emotional lability http://braininjury.org.au/portal/fact-s ... sheet.html

At least giggling is better than the tears!

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Hello LauraJane

Welcome to the site. I used to laugh hysterically at stupid things in the first few weeks it still happens occassionally but I agree with Karen it is emotional liability and only tends to happen now if I'm stressed or overtired.

Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Janet x

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Like you I could laugh for ages for no apparent reason-I had to tell everyone at work cos it got so embarrassing. So they got used to it-but people i didnt know would look at me as though I was mental! Luckily for me it happened when I saw the Consultant and he explaines that this was 'normal' . 4 years on I still giggle but its under control now and only happens when i'm tired thank goodness.

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