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New Member Sandy - Where can I have my MRI?


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Hello everyone!  I'm new to the forum - and in fact have never posted on a forum before! So here goes.....


I had my SAH on Boxing Day in 2001 - as described by many on this site, it did indeed feel like being hit on the head by a cricket bat.  I just thought it was a bad headache, but my husband, Gerry, saved my life that day.  He knew I wasn't right by any means - and when I was sick on the living room carpet without warning, that's when he phoned the GP.  And there was another person I owe my life to - he listened to all the symptoms Gerry was describing and told him to phone for an ambulance straight away. 


After a coil operation (performed on New Years Eve!)  - and three weeks at Wessex Neuro at Southampton - I was home.  I had 3 months off work - which had its own ups and downs -  and experienced the scary feelings mentioned by others on this site (would it happen again?  when will I feel normal?) .


I have to say - I'm still here!  The support from the dedicated nurse at Southampton was great - but most of all the support I had from my husband was absolutely amazing, especially as of course it was equally scary for him. 


The best advice I had from the nurse though was that it would be 18 months to 2 years before I could look back and think now I'm back to normal (whatever "normal" is of course!).  And I have to say she was absolutely right.  The only after effect for me was that my short term memory is affected slightly - and I do have to write most things down.


I had angiogram check ups initially every year and then every 2 years.  These were then subsequently replaced by MRI scans.  Now here comes my question - which I hope some of you can help with:


I have to travel to Southampton for my MRI scans - which is some distance for me.  The last appointment I had was on a Friday night at 7pm.  I just wondered why I have to go to Southampton every time?  Does anyone have their MRIs performed at their local hospitals - for me this could be Bournemouth, Poole or Dorchester. 


Don't get me wrong - I know the MRIs are important, and perhaps I shouldn't moan about the distance - I'm still alive after all!  But it would just make the whole experience less stressful for me, as I get nervous about it as it is.


Thanks for reading.  :)

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Hi Sandy and welcome .... have you asked your GP or Southampton if these scans could be performed at Bournemouth or Poole Hospital? 


I'm also from Dorset and yes, I agree that it's a pain in the proverbial having to go to Southampton for a scan ... however, Wessex/Southampton Neuro are specialists in this field, whereas Poole, Bournemouth and Dorchester are general hospitals. xx

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Thanks for your reply Karen - really appreciate it. 


I must admit I asked Poole whether the MRI could be performed there and they didn't have a definite response but that was over 5 years ago.   I do appreciate that the experts are based at Southampton - but I guess my query is more around the fact that we're now living in the 21st century with technology far more advanced, I thought I might be able to have the scan locally and they could then digitally transfer the scan to Southampton for the experts to check it.


Therefore, I just wondered if anyone else had their scans done at Poole, Bournemouth or Dorchester.     I'm guessing that perhaps it needs a specific type of scanner and Dorset don't have one?   Sx

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I suspect that your last comment is correct. I met a lady from Dorchester when I was at Wessex. She had to travel to Southampton for all her scans. However it's always worth asking the question of the hospital. I live in Portsmouth which has a huge 'super hospital' but still had to return to Wessex for my MRI. 

Good luck

Clare xx

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