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Tracy - new member - 6 weeks post Sah coiling


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Hi guys , I am 6 weeks post sah coiling . Initially my recovery was going so well , however the last week I have felt very unwell . Light headed , dizzy and to say the least very anxious . I visited gp for an assessment and was told to rest and take on more fluids . Following all advice given but wonder why I felt so well at the beginning and so poorly now ? Anyone that can reassure me that this not uncommon , I would be very grateful 

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Hi Tracy


When I first come on here I used to get giddy,  so yes drink as much water as you can, and is it when you stand you get giddy?


I used to get giddy a year after coiling,  I was told to first swing legs out of bed then sit there and then get up all at a slower pace than before SAH, then stand and wait then do what you was going to do...water is a must though xx (Doesn't help if you need toilet lol).


Welcome to Behind the Grey and if you are worried see Dr, as stress is bad for us and we need laughter in our lives.

Good luck


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Hi Tracyh, welcome to BTG it's still early days for you in your recovery. Try not to over do things as you will find you tire quite easily. Try to drink plenty of water it really does help, listen to your body and your brain and when you are tired rest up, you have come to the right place for help and advice, this site is fantastic, you will make a lot of new friends who will help you along the recovery road.


Wishing you well on your recovery journey.



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Hi Michelle ,

Thank you so much , noticed you are from County Durham very close to me in Hartlepool . I can't tell you how much this site has helped me. Left hospital without any do's or dont's , and do think I was dehydrated. Rectified that now 2-3 litres of water . Appreciate all advice and ready to travel that recovery road x

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It is a relief when you see others that have been through it Tracy and you think to yourself "phew I am not the only one who has had this"


There is a life after SAH so you have to keep a smile close at hand at all times, and keep stress free, pretty hard to do that but I sing when I feel

uptight, it is my way of getting rid of Stress !! lol My poor Family xx


Keep typing any worries you have on here it really helps xx


Catch you later

Win (again) lol  xx

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