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How comforting it is to find a site where everyone understands your predicament. This is my story. On New Years Eve 2016 while many were out celebrating the New Year, I was feeling unwell, I had a headache which was nothing unusual for me as I have been suffering with them for quite some time. I had an upset stomach and went to the loo when I noticed that my stools were black. I immediately knew that something was wrong, but had no clue as to what was really happening.  


I remember little after this point, but apparently I went back downstairs to the loo again and when I didn't return my husband came looking for me and found me collapsed on the basement floor, hitting my head in the process on the tiled floor and suffered a nose bleed. I told him to put me back on the toilet as I had an upset stomach. He helped me upstairs and I apparently told him to call an ambulance.


They were here within mins and took me to the local hospital where I was violently sick. They took me for a CT Scan where they confirmed that I had a a ruptured aneurism - the technical terms are as follows as some of you may be able to help me understand more about what it means -


CTA: Left PCOMM Artery Aneurysm. ACOMM Artery Aneurysm. Right PCOMM and Left ICA. Fisher Grade 4 - intraventricular haemorrhage. GCS 14 WFNS grade 2 GCS 13 - 14.


There were other complications on first arrival at the hospital which were Pulmonary oedema and Myocardial stunning with Diffuse SAH with early hydrocephalus. I was then transferred to Salford Royal Hospital for treatment. I arrived on Sunday evening and I don't know whether it was because of the bank holiday or because I needed to be more stable but I was not operated on until the Wednesday. I remember very little of these first few days. They coiled the ruptured aneurysm and another one close by and told me that I have another 3 aneurysms that they will deal with once I have recovered from the coiling of the previous two.


I was in the HDU for 4 days and two weeks in hospital in total. I have now been home for almost 3 weeks. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions since coming home, fear, anxiety, and sadness because like others have said, one minute I was planning a holiday without a care in the world, to then wondering how long I have left to live.


It's quite difficult to deal with emotionally I have to say. I am having terrible headaches and lower back pain, but at least I can take pain killers for that, the emotional pain is the most difficult thing to deal with because of the unknown. I don't know what they plan to do with my other 3 aneurysm, I worry about a re-bleed of the coiled aneurysm and I worry about having these terrible headaches for months and years to come. I should be feeling lucky to have survived, I was initially feeling that way, until I learned that re-bleeds are a possibility with dire consequences.


I am trying my best to remain positive but it's not that easy. I guess it's early days and have my first appointment at the hospital 22 March where hopefully the Doctors can explain what their plans are regarding my 3 aneurysm. It will either ease my concerns or scare me to death, lets hope it's good news.


Thank you for listening and any advice would be very welcome. 

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Hi Julie,


Welcome to BTG! 


I was treated at Salford Royal too.  Let me just say that you are being treated there by the very best people. Salford Royal is one of the highest ranked hospitals in the country and its neuro surgical unit is recognised as one of the very best also.  And I survived so it must be good! 


The good news is my bleed happened on 1st September 2010 and I'm still here, so there is every reason for you to be optimistic!  Re-bleeds are a possibility but so is getting run over by a bus! 


What is noticeable in your post is that you have undergone the worst that life can throw at you, yet you are more fearful of the unknown.  That is because your imagination has begun to run away with you and you have had nobody there to balance out your thoughts.  Yet when you think about it, it shows your brain is working perfectly, because you are able to think about and rationalise these fears. You should congratulate the surgeon, he's obviously done a great job!  You weren't fearful of the future before this happened to you, so why be fearful now?  You've come through it - be more fearful of the bus when you are crossing the road!


I was told that people are walking around with aneurysms in their heads and they don't even know they are there.  It is when they are in danger of rupturing that they become a problem.  I suspect that they will monitor you for a while and will take corrective action if they think there is a risk if they don't act.  If they opt not to do anything, then that is wonderful and if they do act then at least they have acted in the nick of time to give you the best chances possible.  So, lots to be positive about!


You'll plan those holidays again, I've been abroad lots of times since I was in hospital.  Travel Insurance is easy to come by and opportunities will come your way.  However don't expect instant answers or instant recovery.  Lots of things come with time and making the right decisions at the right time.  All those physical things you are going through at the moment will ease with time, but you have been through the mill - give yourself time and space - good things come to those who wait!


Put your trust in those people at Salford - they are really good and you are in the best of hands, I am living experience of that!


Keep us posted about your progress!


I wish you well.



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Hi Julie, Welcome to BTG


So sorry that you have suffered SAH, you have come to the right place for help and support,

you will find a wealth of information here, it`s a brilliant site and the people on it are a great support.


This whole situation will have come as a huge shock to both you and your husband, it`s a traumatic time for you both.


You are still in early stages of your recovery and everything you are feeling at the moment are normal after SAH,

Emotions up and down, fear and anxiety you will see when you read some of the posts on here that this is also normal,


For now what I would say is be kind to yourself, your body and brain have suffered a huge trauma and they need time to recover,

Make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest, try not to do to much, baby steps at first.


Your story is a little similar to mine, I was using the bathroom when mine happened, I had left post communicating artery aneurysm rupture,

I also had right post communicating aneurysm discovered during coiling, that was coiled.


Try not to stress to much about the unknown ( easier said than done , I know ) I`m sure when you see doctors in March they will be able to

put your mind at rest.


In the meantime keep coming here, not only will you get some great support, you will also make some new friends along the way.:)


Good Luck on your recovery journey,


Michelle x

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Thank you so much for your replies Macca and Michelle. I have much to be thankful for, and you are right Macca, in that I should congratulate my surgeon at Salford Royal for a very successful outcome, and be grateful for the fact that I was sent to such a wonderful hospital. 


I have no behavioural problems, no memory issues, no personality changes, and no physical issues other than the normal head pain and fatigue. I have also had 4 or 5 days since returning home without any headache at all, so all in all, I am recovering very well indeed.


I went to a computer course on Monday as I was feeling good, but I think it was too much too soon, the concentrating gave me the worst headache ever, so I think I will leave that alone for the time being.


Your replies have helped me to look at the positives rather than to worry about possibilities, and I already feel so much better for reading your comments. This site is a marvel, I think we all stumbled upon it after trying desperately to find answers, and what a gem it is. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you so much X

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