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Hi all,


I sleep so so much and I know it's normal after what happened , however my bleed was only small so I assumed I would not be as tired as some of you who were more seriously impacted . Yesterday I did my first run well Walk run really ,it was good but today exhausted ?I guess I need to learn the lesson of patience. Also guilt seems to be playing it's part as I feel guilty for resting and sleeping so much ? Any advice gratefully received! If I don't respond quickly it's simply because I can't navigate around this site , I am very slow at the moment . I am so glad you are all here to talk with . 


Best Wishes Josie

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Hi Josie, 


Sorry you are struggling with tiredness, it is normal and it can take a few months before it starts to ease.

You say you only had a small bleed, i don't think it matters how big or small the bleed, it is the impact that the beed and the trauma that the rest of the body goes through when it goes into survival mode that causes a lot of our problems post SAH, 


You are still early in your recovery, your brain and body need time to recover from this trauma, if you over do it your body and your brain will let you know.

Please try not to feel guilty for having to rest and sleep, that is your bodies way of recovering, the tiredness will ease as time goes on.

Be kind to yourself your body and brain have suffered trauma, they need time to recover, you will get there but it does take time.


Did you ask your doctor about getting back to exercise?

Maybe it was to soon to get back to it.


I hope you are soon feeling better.



Michelle xx 

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First i I always say we have no competitive bleeding on here, a bleed may have different levels of severity but make No mistake having blood soak when it had no business being has a consequence, we all share that experience, whether it large or small. 


Gosh I think  we also all share that impatience and dare I say that ego of wanting everything to be just as it was before and trying to 'push through' and 'get back'. We talk of getting back and recovery but I have learnt that first we have to properly give our brain the time and energy it needs to heal.


Someone explained to me that the brain itself doesn't register pain as an organ so maybe our frazzled emotions and extra fatigue that then show up when we over do it are often the way our injured brain can show it is still hurting. We have to know our signs, our traffic lights and never go through on a red. 


Im not saying don't run as Exercise is fab as we all know and if you can run I understand why you would want to but maybe listen to the signs that right now it's a bit much for you. Take a walk instead, be gentler with yourself and your brain for a little longer. It can't tell you any other way that it's still hurting and healing .


Go easy Josie and don't feel guilty for resting, it's an investment in future days. 



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Hi Rosie,


I used to sleep all the time due to hydrocephalus, but had a shunt put in a year later.  I still get tired but I can last the day now and then 8pm comes and bed calls me.


It does get better but we cannot rush it,  listen to your brain and body.  If tired have a rest.  We have a few runners on here (No not the beans) lol   Clare and Chris alias Bronco


I have just started walking so I am a lazy one  xx  Just keep happy and get well and we will beat this.  We are Survivors, tired ones but none the less Survivors xx


Good luck and do it at your pace and as others said don't forget the water.



WinB143 alias Win

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