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Matjaz - Perimesecephalic SAH


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I'm Matjaz (48) from Slovenia and I had my Perimesecephalic SAH exactly 3 months ago. As "my" kind of SAH is not very common, you can imagine how difficult is to find any kind of useful info in a country with less than 2 million population. The only information I've got when released from hospital was that I shouldn't lift anything heavier than 15 kgs :-) .That's why I'm soo happy I found your form and I keep reading it for almost two months now.


My SAH happened at the gym during rather intensive cross-fit exercise.  I've stayed 2 weeks in a hospital and additional 2 weeks at home. I'm working since then but I'm far from being back to normal. Constant fatigue, nausea, stiff neck and my stomach problems got worse (I had that before for years). I also had a higher blood-pressure and heart rate for almost two months, but it normalised recently.


I have very little energy for spending time with kids or friends. I generally feel ill for the most of the time. I had my CTA scan (CT with contrast) a week ago and everything is OK, but I had very bad reaction to contrast - couldn't get out of bed for four days  for nausea and headache.


Thank you for providing this forum, it really helps. 

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Hi Matjaz,


Welcome to BTG, there are some on here who have had your type of SAH.


I myself had an SAH.  Just wanted to welcome you to Behind the Grey and others will be along soon to welcome you.


I was told by Neuro Surgeon "No Stress" so will pass it on to you.


Keep happy and try singing as it helps me.  Now keep a smile at hand  xx 

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H Matjaz


Welcome to BTG, glad you have found us. It is very common to be discharged without any information or support. I am lucky that I had a nurse specialist  I could call on with any questions but must admit most of the information I got was from this site. :)


It sounds to me like you are doing a lot at only 3 months out. Maybe that is why you you are suffering from the constant headaces and fatigue. Try cutting back a bit and taking more time for yourself, Your brain has suffered and needs time to recover. Mine was a non-aneurysmal bleed but was not perimesecephalic, I also suffered from hydrocephallus..

2 years later and I still suffer from fatigue if I do too much or put myself in a situation my brain has difficulty coping with. It takes time to learn what causes your individual fatigue, keep a diary and see if you can learn what causes yours.


Goos luck and look forward to hearing more from you.


Clare xx

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Welcome to the BTG.  I also experienced a NASAH during exercise.  All I can tell you is it just takes time and patience.  Listen to your body and rest when it says to rest.  I did not have the lingering stomach problems you describe, but the headaches, fatigue, and moodiness is very similar and seems to be common.  I am now over a year and a half out and feel much better than I did after only 3 months.  You should continue to improve so long as you take it easy, get rest, and drink fluids. 


Also know that as time goes by, others may start to treat you as "normal" again, even though you are still healing and need rest and no stress.  Try to be patient with others as they can't see you heal and tend to forget just how much your brain went through only a few months ago. 


I sent prayers for you to continue to heal and am so glad this site has been of help to you.  I don't know what I would have done with it, as there is just so little information out there.


Best Wishes,



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Hi MatJaz


welcome and it's so great that you have Found help amongst the experiences shared here.


it take time to heal from this. If you think about it your brain rarely gets to rest as it's busy controlling our bodies and thoughts and all the other amazing functions , then on top of that we ask it to pay attention, do multiple things at once and have lots of stimulation from noise, lights and sounds. It's no wonder it shows us the symptoms of nausea, dizziness etc, it's the only way to say 'stop, I'm still trying to heal'


So rest often, try and put in plenty of breaks in the day when you can that you do nothing, just have some silence and then go on when you feel less 'pinched' . It's call pacing yourself but if you learn those baby steps now then in time your pace and step length will grow and you will need less rest.


get a nice routine for going to bed, drink and eat well and healthy and smile at the people you love and ask them to just sit a while with you and watch the world and the clouds move across the sky.. That's a good feeling when you are healing.


go steady and slow in Slovenia. 


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