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Signs of legs returning function

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Does anyone know how and when leg function returns after subarracnoid aneurysm.


Does the return of function happens on its own or is intervention required.


Is movement required or do the rehab people just put on feet in harness and hope for best?


Anyone know how this happens.



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When is individual, everybody is different in their recovery. I would presume physio will do exercises on the legs to encourage movement and to build up muscles that will have wasted away due to non use. How they do it will depend on the patient's ability. As I have said, no two people are alike.. 

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Thanks Mario 

so for all I know there may already be function in legs if they have not tried yet. My guess is that the 

bed sore is keeping him from progressing. Hubby seems very anxious to progress but can,t because of wound..it might be because of healing progress that causing concern..

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I think, as Super Mario says that every recovery journey is different.  However they should assess what needs to be done.  If they are not volunteering that information, go and ask them what is to be done and make them make decisions and keep you informed.


If you wait for them you will wait forever, so put them on the spot, say you are concerned, and ask what are they doing to put the bedsore right, how long will it take and when can he start physio.  Don't be embarrassed, it's their job and I'm sure the insurance people will be happy to see some progress too!


Good luck - and let us know how you get on!



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