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Dizziness/Vertigo Still 2 1/2 Years Post SAH???

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I am just wondering, now that I am 2 1/2 years post SAH, and still suffering from dizziness/vertigo, and constant head/neck pain and pressure (I have other medical conditions), if anyone else has this.  Although my medications list "dizziness" as a side effect, I have forgotten to take my noon dose of Gabapentin (Neurontin) Zanaflex and Topiramate on many occasions and noticed that my dizziness/vertigo yet worsens within 2 hours of a missed dose.  Does anyone else feel constant head pressure and dizziness, despite medications?  Even taking Vicoprofen (7.5 hydrocodone/200 mg. Ibuprofen) does not take the head pain/pressure totally away).  I have to pretty much knock myself out with meds to sleep at night, taking Klonopin and Zanaflex.  The pain at "dose" time, 5:30 a.m., awakes me.  


Has anyone been approved for Social Security Disability following SAH?  I cannot perform any kind of work with this constant head pain.  I was a paralegal for 35 years, which requires a lot of sitting.  I  had my appeal hearing yesterday and the occupational expert stated I could do work such as assembling small parts or being a mail sorter, although I also suffer from bi-later carpel tunnel syndrome (constant, throbbing hand/forearm pain).  The constant head pain is agonizing, and I do not know how they think I could be standing to be a mail sorter when I have arthritis in my feet/ankles.  I have had injections in them also.  My attorney did raise the point -- would any employer want to take the risk of me being there on all of the medications I take? 


I am literally miserable and enjoy very few things in life that I used to do.  Friends have all backed away from me, I guess because I can no longer do things I used to do and I am no longer as fun to be around.  So, I do things alone like walk my dog, despite my foot pain, as that is about all I can do to not think about the pain.  True, I do sit at this computer and type, but my hands are in horrible pain that keeps me awake at night.  I wear hand braces on both hands to sleep but often take them off in frustration because the Velcro tangles in the sheets when I toss and turn.


Your input is greatly appreciated !

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Sorry you are still suffering I still get headaches and dizzyness after 15yrs but not as bad xxx


You need to go back to your Dr and tell them the medication isn't working try white tiger balm (speak to your Dr first) but I just rub some on my head and the pain goes xxx


Dizzyness maybe ask your Dr to give you some tablets for labyrinthitis that may be causing your problems (but the tablets mine prescribed could be used for different dizzyness problems) xxx


Anyway hope they give you something to help xxx

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