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Sleep Problems

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The following post has been submitted to me by Josie....

Hello to you all hope you are all well.

It's early morning 3 38am and yet again I can't get to sleep. Please tell me I'm not alone with this problem it's driving me nuts. At first I would fall asleep by 10pm a bomb wouldn't wake me, but every now and again my brain kicks in and sleep goes out the window. I've been toying with the idea of a self help group local to me and wondered if you thought it would be a good idea and if anyone has some does and dont's about it. I'm using up all my goodwill cards with my husband and kids bless them they do try and understand but, alas they are all males and I'm not.


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I know exactly how you feel, in fact i hate going into my bedroom knowing that i will be only tossing and turning. I have tried hot milk but that does not work for me, i never really had problems before my SAH it's just now it's so frustrating. I have noticed that it is having effects of my health and blood pressure.

I never have or perhaps never will take sleeping tablets. I was actually scared going to sleep because of the seizures i had but that is not the reason i do not go to sleep now. I have now started reading late at night that helps a little but i do need to sort this problem. Finding support groups are difficult to find, I have contacted Headway to join their regional group in the North London area, maybe they might have some suggestions and advice.

Myra xx

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It is over a year since my SAH and I still have problems getting and staying asleep. I am very well informed as I listen to radio 4 every night until it shuts down at 12.45am! :D

On a positive note, the time I spend asleep is gradually getting longer and I also find the Mozart cd very good for relaxing me.

I also have more trouble getting to sleep if I have been doing more, it seems that my brain goes into overdrive trying to process everything that has happened during the day. If I have a quiet day at home I tend to get a bit more sleep


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Everyone here seems to have problems with sleep patterns.

I usually go to bed around midnight, read for an hour then find my eyes closing. Always wake up around

4 am and usually have to get a cup of tea and a biscuit and read a little more, then I'll drop off again.

Had no problems yesterday though and slept in the afternoon in the garden for an hour (went out like a light and have sunburnt my face). Went to bed midnight and didn't wake up until 9:30 am this morning.

When I'm worried about something is when I can't sleep at all sometimes. Or if I'm steamed up about something (emotional lability) then there's no way my brain will switch off.

Doesn't serotonin or something effect sleep? Anyone know? I know levels of serotonin take time to sort out post SAH. Think it effects mood etc. Sorry can't remember, I'm rambling...

Just copied this from wikipedia: In the central nervous system, serotonin plays an important role as a neurotransmitter in the modulation of anger, aggression, body temperature, mood, sleep, sexuality, appetite, and metabolism, as well as stimulating vomiting

Lesley xxx

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