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Hey lovelies


Anyone on here really sufferend with sickness? My dad had a grade 4 SAH back in November 2016. He is at least sick once a day, normally morning. He is on ondansetron 8mg three times a day which helps a tiny bit but not enough. He was on cyclizine 50mg three times a day too but the dr said that wouldn't be good for his confusion (and to be fair since we've stopped it, his confusion is WAY better) so we don't want him to go back on that.


Any advice?


thank you xxxx

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Hi Ash


Sorry we can't give medical advice as we are not qualified to do so. I presume your dad's gp is aware of the sickness with the medication he is on being presciption only. What has the doctor said have they any ideas for the cause of daily sickness? Could his diet be involved or is it linked to heatburn?


I think you both need to go back to the GP and see if they can give you a definitive answer as to what is making him sick and why it is every day. I was sick when I had my SAH and until I left hospital but since then it hasn't been an issue.


Hope you get things sorted, let us know how you get on 


Clare xx

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Hey Ash, I had a lot of sickness and had grade 4 but I also had hydrocephalus which was primarily the cause for me but depending on where Dads bleed was it could have affected his balance and getting up swiftly triggers an effect like a motion sickness.


my suggestion is just to note how he moves especially from lying to being upright, do it gradually, sit a while. He could also try sleeping slightly propped up on pillows and see if that helps but I would get it checked at the very least with GP if not your treating neuro team.


also note his eating habits, more frequent snacking so as not to get hungry and let the brain run out of energy. 


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Hello Ash,


I was similar to Daffs and your Dad.  Grade 4 but I do not remember anything.  Asked family if I was sick and they said "No"

My family are people of few words lol xx


Wishing your Dad well and keep an eye on sickness or see Doc xxx 


Good luck to you and Dad


Win xxxx



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I felt sick for moths.  It was so hard to eat.  I always described myself as 'turning', but I later found out I had all the types of dizziness put together:  Vertego where the room is spinning 2.  Dizziness where you feel you're turning 3.  Light headedness when you get up too fast 4.  Disequilibrium where I felt like my head was like a balloon attached to my body with just the string and my feet felt like I was walking on pillows.  Now put it all together and try and walk up right....it just made me sick.


I only have fleeting feelings of one of these every so often now after 5 years, so it really did improve over time for me.  I hope it will for your dad as well.


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