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Has anyone had a Stent?

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Hi, I am new to the site. I had a SAH in Feb 3 weeks after giving birth to my daughter  I was very lucky as the hospital first thought I was suffering a migraine therefore didn't scan me for 36 hours!! My anni was 4mm and was treated with coils. They also discovered another one 2mm which they described as a mirror of the one that burst.


I have been advised by my NS that given my age (37) and my life expectancy, that treatment would be the best course of action. I am due to go in for a stent in 2 weeks... my anxiety levels are through the roof, all I can do is look at my baby daughter and imagine her growing up without me!! The thought of operation terrifies me but so does living with the anni... has one else been treated with a stent??? Thank you

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 From what I can gather a stent is the same as coiling which is what I believe they did to your other aneurysm. 

As this is a planned procedure you do not experience the same problems as when the aneurysm bursts. 

There are many on this site who have had subsequent aneurysms coiled. Hopefully they will come on and give their  experiences. 

I hope you are recovering well from your initial bleed. It must have been hard recovering while dealing with a new born baby


Try not to stress as it will not do you any good. Once this procedure is done you should not have the worry of another bleed. 

Keep us posted. 




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Hi Carly


A very warm welcome to BTG :)


I have not had a stent fitted, but i know a few on here have.

Wanted to wish you well for your op and a speedy recovery.

As Clare has said, try not to stress, easy to say i know xx 


Let us know how you are getting on, we are here for you.


Take care

Tina xx



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Hi Carly, 


It is natural to stress, but it isn't good for us xx 


I was so glad I remember nothing after having a shunt put in to stop hydrocephalus.  


As Clare and Tina have said,  Let us know when you are having it done,  and we will be waiting for you to tell us how you got on xxxxx


Chin up if possible  


Best wishes

Win xxxxx 

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