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Bad Days

Guest Shiree

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Guest Shiree

I am only human. Today I woke up still feeling awful and thought "How am I going to make it through another day?" Today I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Horrible headaches and dizziness - I am not going to be able to drive a car like this, let alone my beloved truck. How could life have done this to me? I am usually a strong person, but not now, now I'm just broken.

sorry for ranting


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Hi Shiree

I used to have constant headaches and dizziness in the first six months. The dizziness only happens now if I overdo things but the headaches or head pain has been a problem.

I have been trying different types of medication as the pain is neurological. After a further C.T scan in April and a couple of appointments with the Neuro team have now been given a different type of medication and so far it seems to be working for me.

Talk to you're G.P/Doctor there are some types of anti-depressant and epilepsy medication that used in low doses can be given for neurological pain.

Hope the headaches and dizziness get better soon. Make sure that you're drinking plenty of water and resting when your body needs to being overtired can make the headaches worse.

Janet x

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Hi Shiree

Oh dear, know how you feel. Its only to be expected that we're going to have the odd despairing day. Our lives have changed, sometimes irrevocably, and we have to adapt.

You're not alone. If it helps: I went to bed last night and cried :cry: I got up to a most beautiful sunny day this morning and cried :cry: Still feel very shaky emotionally and not sure whether to cheer up and laugh :lol: or have another good cry :cry:

But there is light at the end of the tunnel: you'll be amazed but you will have better days, :D and hopefully the headaches/dizziness will get better. Its been a very long recovery for most of us.

I was told that the debris from the bleed (or operation: clipping in some cases) takes time to drain from the brain. In my case it seemed to drain into the sinus area around my right eye and down the back right hand side of my neck, could have sworn the large artery was being pulled tight at times. This produced sharp knife like pains and shooting pains down the back of my neck which were quite frightening. It has been mentioned on here that a lot of the bleed drains into the spine. Each one of us seems to have a slightly different symptoms whilst our body recovers. I rarely get these symptoms now thankfully. I seem to have more problems with my emotions and coping with the life changes it has brought now. But I'm getting there. (I got my driving licence back after 6 months and am now driving very slowly locally - this gave me a huge boost in spirits and helps tremendously because I can at least go out on my own when the walls in this house close in on me - so try to concentrate on resting and giving your body time to recover - and hopefully with time you too may be able to drive again). :)

Sharing my story and progress with other SAH survivors on here has helped so much, it gave me confidence that if I held on and allowed my body to recover at its pace (not mine) things would change albeit very slowly. And they did. :)

Keep posting: you've got friends here. One of us will always respond and usually at least one of us has been through something similar at one time or another.

Just to be safe though: if the pain is really bad or you have really strange symptoms that you haven't experienced before I would phone your GP and insist he sees you to check you out.

Janet's made good comments re keeping yourself well hydrated and checking our the drugs available with your GP - we've all been told to do this and it does help.

Karen our leader: who bless her started this website which has saved our collective sanity :roll: says that we haven't lost anyone on here yet: and I think yes, we've come this far, we are the lucky ones: we've survived. It might be a long journey to recovery, but we will get there and you couldn't have nicer company on your journey :D

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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Guest Shiree


Thanks for your kind words. I'm sorry just having a bit of a rough patch. Listening to you guys, who know

first hand what it is like is invaluble. Just knowing I am not alone helps alot.

Unfortunately you can't take your neurosurgeon home with you and ask them about every twinge and tingle, although it would be great for peace of mind!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart

Shiree x

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Hi Shiree

Hope you wake up today feeling better and brighter. I also cannot drive, and i hate it, stuck in all the time, feel a burden asking for lifts when i really have to. I have a walking stick that has helped me with walking, but i dont go far, i have double vision, blurryness, and balance all over the place sometimes. We are all here for you, as the others have said, glad it makes you feel a bit better. I know that this web site has been a God send to me, dont know how to put into words to thank everyone here for there support. I hope we can help you as much.

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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