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Flying post SAH/Going Abroad

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Hi everyone am new to this glad I found you all feel like I just want to talk sometimes. 


I had a SAH in November last year. And had coiling to stop the bleed. I'm am recovering quiet well as the months go by in my physical self. Headace can still be quiet intense tho. Seems to worse on night when drifting of to sleep anyone else get this??


Am wanting to go away on family holiday but am now scared to fly has any else been on airplane after SAH?? And how did you cope with been away with out our nhs if you needed it am so scared incase anythink happens again while abroad and am stuck over there. Anyone help with me questions thanks x

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Hi Lauren


Welcome to BTG glad to hear you are recovering after your SAH. Hope you are finding the site helpful, always someone here to listen and offer advice on any issues you may have. 


I had a NASAH in Feb 2015 and flew at the  end of May 2015 with no problems. I had my follow up MRI before the flight so knew all was ok. My nurse specialist arranged that so I could be cleared to travel. I have since flown many times including long haul to Vietnam. The only problem I did have was fatigue and I still suffer that now when travelling. I factor in time for recovery, always have an extra day off work on return and try not to have too early flights.

Have a chat with your nurse specialist or neuro team just to make sure you are ok to fly then go for it. The holiday will probably do you and the family the world of good. ?

I'm sure others will join this thread with advice and tips. Let us know how you get on. 



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Hi Lauren,


I have flown many times since SAH and have had no problems.  Check with your own doctors that you are ok to fly first and then go for it.  Cabins are pressurised so that you feel like you do when you are on the ground.


Take out travel Insurance before you go and declare the pre-existing condition.  Some airline insurances won't insure you but there are plenty of companies that will and it isn't very expensive. You can take out single trip insurance or take out yearly insurance if you want to go away several times. Make sure you know what they will pay out for and more importantly, what they won't.


Also make sure you take your EHIC card as European countries have a reciprocal  agreement with the UK..  You can get one by going onto GOV.UK and it's free.  (Do it in good time - it's a government department, remember, and they aren't the fastest at processing things)


Then go and have a good time.

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