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Blood vessels coming from aneurysm

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I've recently found out that my aneurysm (which was partially clipped after it ruptured) has three blood vessels coming out of it. I can't really find much information about this and was wondering if anyone else on here had a similar problem with their aneurysm, or if anyone could point me in the right direction to find out more about this.



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Hi Kay,


do you mean that the aneurism is at the dissection point where three vessels or arteries combine?


my aneurism was at the point of two main arteries and so whilst they coiled it successfully they couldn't fully fill it with coils as they wouldn't want to block either important artery and there was talk that if the small neck they have left changes then they would put a stent in to hold the coiling in place but I have regular scans and so far so good there has been no changes since, I make sure I keep my blood pressure maintained and am on medication for that but that's the only thing I do.  


I suspect they are concerned about 'occluding' these arteries and at the time clipping was the right and best option but the best answers will definately be found with your team to get reassurance on what treatment is best should you be more  and get them to draw some diagrams of what the options of clipping, stunting and coiling  are. 


I really dont  know anything about clipping I'm afraid. 

Good luck. 



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