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Good Evening Everyone,


I had SAH in January this year and just recently thought oh I am fine all sorted ......then the MRI and going back to the John Radcliffe bought it all flooding back.  Any advice gratefully received,feeling worried about the results now .


Kind Regards Josie 

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Hi Josie,


Lots of us have been on this journey.  It is surprising how emotional you can feel when you need to go back to the hospital.  When I first went back, I was ok until I got into the hospital car park and then I inexplicably burst into tears.  I didn't know why, but it was the fear of going back in - it seemed totally irrational at the time.  When I went in however, it was like meeting old friends and everything was done in a matter of fact way that caused me no alarm whatsoever.  I was frightened of my own shadow without any rhyme or reason.


When I came out I felt such a fool, but on reflection, I reversed that thought.  I thought, what a hero, I did it, I dealt with it.  I had let my fears get the better of me because I had let them, I hadn't controlled them, and I hadn't confided in anybody.  That was the foolish bit for me.  I should have talked to someone before I went in.  I had let reality fly out of the window and I needed someone to put me back on the path of reality with some balance of reason. I had needed to stay in control and the way to do that was by communicating.


I was ok and I have never looked back.  Go forward with confidence.  The people dealing with you know what they are doing.


You are worried because you have unanswered questions in your head.  So get them out into the open - ask them out loud and get yourself some answers.


If you let the 'what if's' get to you, you'll stress yourself, so keep them to a minimum by asking your questions and by speaking to people like us who have been there before you!


Good luck



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Know how you feel rosie i had my sah in January of this year too and i have to go back in hospital to have a metal plate put in and i am so worried about it i am not sleeping coz i cant stop thinking about going back in. Good luck hope all gos well for you xx

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Hi Rosie,

Had mine and all was okay, I was worried as while in Hospital I had Ventriculitis and followed by Sepsis, so I was asleep or in cuckooland   for an age

I remember nothing  Good Really !!


So shook my Surgeons hand and said thanks for saving my life,   

He asked my hubby if I have always spoke a lot ..Cheek it was nerves ha and told him when you are youngest of 10 you have to speak quick. to get a word in.


Had the MRI and was more worried about waiting for results, but he signed me off saying in letter if I ever feel bad see Doc and make an appointment to see him. My words xx


I wont tell you not to stress as it is natural 


Good luck and to Aandrea xxxx





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