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other complications

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Did anyone have other complications.....

Whist I was rushed into hospital I had a collapsed lung and have a scar where the tube was.

I also found out from my friend by accident that I had an irregular heart beat....my family did not tell me straight away because they

know i get worried easily......

My dad was told that these are nothing to worry about now has it was all to do with my brain but the doctors never mentioned anything to


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well when in hospital had collapsed lung and irregular heart beat which i had to have shocked x x

I have fast heart beat sometimes and sometimes feel like i cant breath x x i know some off it is because i panic but sometimes it comes on for no reason strange really x x i spoke to the nurse at qmc and shye said if it was a problem then tehy would follow it up but its one of them things that run through your head x x and something i need to get over x x

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