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Well I never thought I would be asking this question, for those that have traveled abroad any hints and tips about travel insurance I and Ronnie would be greatful suggestions of good insurers....


I have never flown since the mid late 90's and things are so different now...


thanks in advance...

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Louise I used Insure and Go this year and last for my trip, they were the only one that I found that gave me the cover for a semi reasonable price. I found a few others who said they could cover only to find that I would not  be covered for any shunt related issues if they arose. I have used Staysure previously but they were very expensive last time and also terribly rude last time I quoted with them so I wouldn't recommend them now. I hope other people can recommend some others too. 


how exciting though. One thing to note is some place are more expensive insurance wise , I expect Super Mario may know the answer on that 

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Spain is often excluded from some insurances unless you take out the more expensive cover. You have to be careful as insurance goes in zones. Don't know why that is. I have found All Clear will cover me at a price. It is better to ring up for a quote than to do it online.


I find that many throw their hands up when I say I have a shunt for hydrocephalus, don't know why as I have never had a problem with it.

If it is only your shunt and nothing else try The Post Office in the first instance because they are quite reasonable.

They used to cover me but altered their criteria which excludes my other conditions.


You must declare everything, and I mean everything, or if you are unfortunate to have to make a claim they will use undeclared conditions to wriggle out of paying up.


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