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Sah 7 months post op

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Hi my partner had sah in Feb this year and has being doing fine recovering, but these past two weeks he has been complaining of neck pain and started sleeping again through the day.


After going back to the hospital months ago,and having another lumbar puncture which showed a little pressure and released fluid for him he's been fine.


But said he would never go back again . But now these couple of weeks he's back to taking loads of paracetamol can anyone relate to this please x

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Welcome to BTG although I am sure that you wish you didn't need to be here.

I'm sure you realise that we cannot give medical advice. Because of what you describe it would be in his best interests to go back to the hospital because after an SAH there can be a fluid build up in the brain. The lumber puncture will have relieved the pressure but who is to say that it isn't building up again causing headaches which he is not admitting to.

Please try and persuade him to seek medical attention, even if it is only a visit to his GP who should then take the necessary action.

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Hi, I am going to echo loudly what SM suggests. I know your partner will be scared and the last thing he would want is to go backwards and trust me I know LPs are horrid as anything but please get him to go and get checked and scanned.


Any hospital when you present with that history will scan him, if he had to have LP prior to reduce the build up of fluid then it can happen again. If he is sleepy and it it like a shutting down of senses he needs to be seen.  


I had to have a shunt placed 5 months after my SAH so please whilst I'm not suggesting this would be the same scenario for your partner ignoring a pressure build up is unwise. 

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He is scared bless him xx as I would have been if I was awake.


Tell him he doesn't want it to turn to anything serious as Daffs and myself had, so ask him for your sake to see Doc at least.


I was out of it for quite a while and remember nothing, put my Family through it.  No ones fault but it happens and ignoring it will make him worry and my surgeon said stress is bad for us.


Hope he gets better soon but do not be afraid tell him xxx  


Good luck to you both xxxx


Win xxxxx  See Doc Partner  or I'll  start singing  xxxx !! 

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