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Blood thinning medication

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Hope everyone is well. Jim was wondering if anyone is on blood thinning medication. He had asked his GP about it but was told that if he did indeed suffer another SAH that it would be dangerous for him.

We are sure he will not have another one. He said he gets pressure in his head and was thinking if he had the medicine that it might relieve some of the pressure.

Thanks and have a great day! :wink:



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Hi Cal

I think his G.P is right as it does thin the blood and is normally used for breaking down clots. I suffer with a lot of pressure in my head along with nerve pain. I did take a low dose of anti-depressant which is used for nerve pain but am now on a low dose of anti-epilepsy tablets which so far are helping a lot.

Does Jim go back to see the Neurologists soon as they may be able to suggest something that he can use. As it was the Neuro who prescribed for me.

Janet x

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