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What type of headaches does everybody have here pain in the temple behind the eyes

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Hi Steven, welcome to BTG.


In the early stages i also had the tingling and pressure feelings. I was told the tingling in my scalp/head and face was everything mending after my bleed.

I also had big pressure pains behind my eyes and back of head especially if i put my head down.

These did improve over time. Rest up, drink plenty of water and don't over do things.


I had a follow up with my Neuro Consultant at 3 months, when is yours?

If you are really worrying i would contact your Doctor for peace of mind.


Let us know how you are doing.


Take care



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Hi Steven,


Ditto to all what Tina put. 


Also my scalp hurt so I used to bathe my head/hair in warm salt water where my stitches were  as I felt really prickly headed and thought it might clean head ! 


I also got the bad heads but thought it was part of healing process ??


If worried see Doc, as my Neuro Surgeons words were "No Stress whatsoever" so I sing and try and keep happy.   My poor family  !! 


I came on here and found there are a lot of us and that in itself made me feel better ..I was not alone.


Good luck in your recovery and if worried see Doc, never let it just go by as peace of mind is a good thing for us getting better xx


Keep well and happy.  A smile can really help us all.  



WinB143 alias Win xxx



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I suffered a NASAH, so not as severe as some.  However, for the first year after, and still from time to time, I get an acute headache behind the eye or eyebrow.  It usually doesn't last very long (less than 30 minutes).  I compare it to an ice headache when you drink something cold too fast.  I never had these before my bleed so it must be related somehow.


I send best wishes to you.



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I'm coming up on 9 months since my SAH.  I still get frequent headaches and pressure behind the eyes. It seems to happen anytime I push myself too hard.


I work construction and it requires 8 to 10 hours a day.  If I work a full week, it's almost guaranteed that I will have to take at least 2 days off the next week because of the headaches and the fatigue. 


Giving up smoking, caffeine and almost all alcohol has definitely helped but the headaches are still there, sometimes lasting a few days. Paying close attention to what I eat has also helped. I would get headaches when I got hungry so, now I graze all day instead of 3 big meals. This has also helped with weight loss and lowering my bp.


My advice is the same as everyone else, check in with your Doc if you are concerned, googling symptoms will only make it worse (trust me).  Stay hydrated and also try breathing techniques.


Most importantly, listen to your body. I take the headaches as my body telling me I've done enough, and it's time to rest.  



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