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Has anyone tried insight meditation

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I lost my first boyfriend suddenly in oct 1993 to an aneurysm. To make things worse, we were in different continents and I did not find out till later. His family didn’t know how to tell me.( before cellphones and Facebook).


I was 22 and was devastated. I started my formal insight meditation in early 1994 at IMC USA. There is also a U.K. branch.


I was just trying to heal and looking for some answers. I think the ten day retreat helped me with my grief somewhat.

I had many ups and downs in life.


Many things that can give you anxiety, depression, fear, anger, stress etc. I was a medical student and a resident of course.

Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, I tried to volunteer, donate things, keep precepts, and returned many times for either weekends or full courses of insight meditation.


One can do it at home but it is special to get away and find some peace.

Today I m 46 years old, happily married over ten years and a physician/ partner in a group.


Except for age related aches and pain, I hardly get sick even around patients during flu season. 

Everytime I go for meditation,  I feel like I can let go of many things .


I have seen many old and new people from different backgrounds came and benefit /that is they found some peace. 

I have seen cancer patients lived much longer than predicted. It is not something that you can explain. It s like tasting a chocolate. You have to taste it to know it. Words cannot describe it.  But like eating / tasting chocolate, it will give everyone the same result.


I thought I would share because it benefitted me a lot.

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Hello and thanks for sharing your thoughts on meditation as a potential benefit for those recovering from SAH.

I am glad you yourself have found it beneficial following the loss of your partner due to an aneurysm.


Several of our members practice some forms of meditation and I am sure they will share their views.








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Hi there, yes I practice mindfulness and meditate and had done before my SAH and have continued the practice since.


The wonderful thing about the choice to meditate is that it is free to learn and study, but it takes time to learn and find the habit but if you want to there is lots of wonderful materials to study from the library or on the net and again if it is someone’s  thought to Try this I agree it can be very beneficial in helping to heal as well as deal with the trauma and anxiety.





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