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A long long time ago (2738 days) - Delta


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Since there is a new day every day I am now 2738 days post op and life is now only returning to normal for me to a point. The journey has been fraught with some amazing days weeks and if I am lucky months.  I have had some really bad days that got me down but my dear friend Fluffy was always around to remind me that I have responsibilities, not just for myself but for him as well. Fluffy is my huge and very fluffy cat.


A little while ago I was diagnosed with an inoperable 2nd incidental aneurysm which is sited close to the scar tissue of my first one.  The news knocked my confidence and recovery back to the start again, but I have gotten up and dusted myself off and started all over again.


Being a strong guy I didn't let it get me down too much. I still don't have much support nowadays but get by the best I can. I have made some exceptional advances' during this time. I now live alone and am doing remarkably well given my situation. I now have a large amount of friends that I can see often and have a laugh with. Xmas was great for me (this year I got 10 cards and two stockings) but I was alone for the holidays which was hard.


Many years ago I didn't have this but with a lot of hard work I have managed to change this for the better. I had spent a number of years struggling alone  and helping others as well at the same time. At the beginning I didn't know what a smile was unless it was on someone else's face and not mine. But, I am so happy to report that I rarely have a frown on my face now and have been given the nickname Mr Smiley. 


Don't get me wrong I still have my bad days, I get by when I go to my local park to the duck pond and feed all and sundry (birds) even the pigeons' come and feed from my hands which is lovely.  Some passers by think I'm crazy some stop and chat for a while, whilst some look at me and walk on by without a comment.


I am still unable to work as I have been told it is very unsafe, so I cant earn like most that can, I want too work so vey much, sadly I cant. All I can say to the newest readers is that recovery can be quick or it take a lot longer, if the later get support and a great circle of friends and before you know it time will have moved on at a remarkable pace.


I now have a love of life and it's now so much fun, something in the early days that simply passed me by, I am glad its caught up with me and has shown me that life can be so great. The best thing is I now have a beautiful girlfriend and although new it's shown me that fun love and laughter can heal almost anything. My lady is the most amazing thing that has happened since my bleed, so although its only been a few months now but the love and friendship has made all the difference to me, so much so I often forget that I have a brain injury.


I am now full of life, love and so looking forward to an even better year than the last, come on 2018 show me the best you have to offer I'm ready for it now, bring it on!



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O my god, that was so lovely to read. I absolutely adore cats  so you had me hooked from the start lol. Love and laughter are definitely great healers. I found that out this time around more than anything else. My mum and my fiancé came to the hospital every day determined to put a smile on my face, and more often than not they succeeded, I put down my speedy recovery to them (I was expected to be in hospital for at least another couple of months).


There's nothing quite like local parks and feeding ducks, fingers crossed it won't be too long before I'm able to do that again.  

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Since my ability to remember things like passwords and usernames is like a sieve I've not been able to get back on there.


Now I am I've written it in my managers book.


Thank you for those kind words they help so much.


My beastie as I call him is currently laying at my left hip as I type. I know his friendship has help me so much, like when to feed him or play silly games. 


A lot has happened since my last visit, all of it good. I'm settling in for the cooler evening and have already printed my warning notice for putting up next week.


It warns of the cooler days, to take my man bag, wear appropriate clothing and general things like that.

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You sound like you are doing well, so congratulations Delta xx


I still have memory problems, like what was I told 2 minutes ago,  but long term is brilliant.


Good luck in all you do and keep doing it xxx as you seem happy on it !!! 


All the Best 



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Thanks Winb.


Has it been 8 months since I started this thread? Oh my gosh doesn't time fly when you don't have a care in the world?


Well the summer has come and gone to a point. I'm still lounging around on a very lovely day, the sun is out, it's very warm and I've just had myself a picnic.


My 3rd this month!


I am finally giving up living in my 12ft sq bedroom at last, I'm spending much more time in my lounge.


The most amazing things happens on a daily basis. I may be laying on my bed and I get a text, then a call from my special lady. 


Since my voice goes all gooey my cat comes on to my bed, sits at my hip, starts to meow like crazy because he knows I'm talking to her. 


It's so funny to watch and see him behave so strangely. Most of all when she's here in person he likes to siddle up to her and keep a gap between us.


If we get too close he's there nudging her away from 'his space'.


I said to my daughter this week, am I doing better this year? Her reply? Why do you think I've not been over so much? Smug reply I say, you've been working too.


Then I get that Smack in the gob reply, 'Dad you look really rough', I say "but hun I've just woken up" then realise it's gone 3 in the afternoon!

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