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Ten Foods that Boost your Brainpower

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I just went to the web site you posted for good brain foods. EyeQ was mentioned as having a good positive result when tested for children. Do you know of Efalex (which I think may be related to EyeQ)? Efalex is Omege 3 +6 and sold as 'help to maintain concentration and brain development'. I'm going to start taking it regularly, but if you've heard of it, do you know of anyone else's experiences using it? ie. Have positive experiences been noted? Just a wonder question :?: Laura

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Hi LauraJane,

I would recommend that any supplements that you decide to take, should be checked out with your GP first ..... I believe that any supplement with blood thinning properties, is something that can be a "no, no", especially if a person has had a brain haemorrhage....

Perhaps KeithH can help you with that information or it might be worth doing some research yourself ..... If you've had a SAH and a supplement has blood thinning properties, please don't take it, without professional advice. I haven't had chance to check the product....but will take a look.

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Hi Laura,

No problems! :wink: There are a fair few supplements/herbal alternatives that do have blood thinning properties, which can be a risk to those of us that have had a bleed, so it's always good to check them out with your GP or at least the Pharmacist, but you need to mention that you've had a bleed.

May be the alternative, is to find other sources of food that naturally include these properties in our diet during the week, rather than overdoing it, with daily supplements? I'm not an expert on this subject and not qualified to give advice, but have found the following extract, which is from Wikipedia

Some research suggests that fish oil intake may reduce the risk of ischemic and thrombotic stroke.However, very large amounts may actually increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. Lower amounts are not related to this risk, 3 grams of total EPA/DHA daily are considered safe with no increased risk of bleeding involved and many studies used substantially higher doses without major side effects (for example: 4.4 grams EPA/2.2 grams DHA in 2003 study).

Quoted from the following web page: - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega-3_fatty_acid

I can remember telling my two kids, who were very small at the time, that tuna is brain food ..... mind you, I think that I put them off it for a while, after describing it in that way! :lol:

Laura, I include fish quite a bit in my weekly diet, as my kids (grown up, mind you!) don't like red meat ...... one is a veggie and the other is 50% veggie ..... so, fish has to come into play, as well as Quorn products... :wink:

Take care Laura,

Love Karen x

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