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New job task and brain book

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I have been asked to write some neuroscience reserch in my new post as research manager. They knew I would be interested because of the background.

I took it on the train to skim today as I can't read on trains but I as curious. The book is called Uunderstanding the brain:The birth of a learning science.

It made me laugh as a table caught my eye. It was on about damaged brain functioning and listed:

4 key problems:

inefficiency in processing new information, increased forgetfulness, lack of attention and concentration and decreased learning potental.

Don't know about everyone else but i suffer with all 4! Kind of worries me that when my work read my summary, it will click that I have those problems and they will think again about my position!!!!

Love and hugs



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Hi Laura :D

Yes it made me laugh too. :lol: ... they must be very impressed with you..... to have given you this project ...it might even help them understand a little more of what you are coping with...and managing to do so well at your job. No worries :D

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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