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Dominic Lawson

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 Hi  I'm  domdom44,  I had a large  right McAfee aneurysm burst  late at night  in Maidstone while  fitting sound proofing partitions  for a call centre


I  don't  remember  anything about it, woke up in kings college hospital Denmark hill  2days later  talking gibberish and hallucinating  like  mad. 


Thank God there were a couple  of  people  at work  that spotted  it was very  serious. Kings told my parents  I probably  would not make it through  the night  massive  stroke  and seizures this was September  2016. I  had 5 procedures,  finally  2 stents  and a vasospasm.


I still get bad headaches  at night and in morning. I  would like  to compare  notes with  some of you guys  thanks  and all the best   dom...


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Hi Dom


A very warm welcome to BTG.

Glad you found us. You will find lots of helpful information and friendly support here.


A lot of us seem to suffer from headaches, could be you are over doing things and need to pace yourself or maybe you are not drinking enough water?

If in doubt always consult your Doctor. Your brain has suffered a huge trauma that you were very lucky to survive. Recovery can take some time.


We look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care



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Hi Dom


Its a long haul to be sure after an SAH. How  are you doing now, do you manage independently, have you returned to working ? .


I have something in common with you in that if colleagues hadn’t spotted the seriousness for me I wouldn’t be here either, I am six years out now and pleased to say that I was well enough to take my saviours from that night out for a lunch a couple years afterwards to say thanks. It was a quiet one as I don’t do well in noise and no alcohol for me but their prompt action meant  a whole world of difference. 


I get my worst headaches on waking  and also can be very weather baraometric affected. So for instance if the pressure is low I have a dull painful ache behind my eyes and tight band round my head. I have a shunt so I know my state is clunky at best of times but I think once We have blood and  air into the closed sealed system of our brains then it’s all going to be different but it can be hard going and I found the first two years the most difficult just battling constant and exhausting pain. Think I’m more used to it now maybe but it has got so much better. 


As Tina said keep a note of what you are doing , are they worse after more exertion? Less sleep? Also check your diet and make sure you have enough fluids. if I get distracted and forget to have enough I will definitely get a full fat headache. 


One thing though, if your symptoms or pain are increasing, worsening, then go get checked out. The doctors will support and understand and it’s best to be sure nothing is going on . 

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Hiya Dom,


 I had an SAH4 in 2009 and I don't remember much at all, as I was in dreamland


Was taken to Kings College,  also from Kent, and I remember only dreamlike bits of my time in there.


Surgeon was Mr Daniel Walsh and after being moved from Kings to Maidstone, all I remember,  the physio's making me cry, don't ask me why, think I was on a big sulk lol.


Physios said to put me in a home as I will never be who I once was.  Knew I didn't like them lol.  Anyway hubs said to them "No she comes home with us" Phew !!


Had a shunt fitted in 2010 and I awoke from my sleep by singing to a nurse so I am told as I hardly have any memory once SAH happened.  I was told I got Ventriculitis and Sepsis while in Kings.   Good job I do not remember really !! 


Without Kings and Mr Walsh and his male nurse who Hubs kept in contact with, I think I'd be some old dear sitting in a home with a brain full of water.   


My Daughter found this site and not looked back xx


Good luck and no stress and keep singing as I don't know about you but short term has got a bit better but slowly.  Slow but sure we will get there xxx Remember to keep happy and do not listen to sad stories.


All the best and keep a smile at hand xx


Win xxxx 






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