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headaches and fatigue

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Hi, i am sorry but I am new to this and not sure if I am doing this right.


My husband had a SAH a year ago tomorrow.  Life is very different in some ways now. He was lucky he has not had any physical effects, just his emotions and pain, fatigue and sometimes memory.


He is really struggling coming to terms with what has happened and that he nearly died. Thank god for our health services. Whilst they were coiling his aneurysm it bled into his right eye. It wasn't for a week that we realised he could not see out of that eye due to the build up of blood.


They have since cleaned the eye and removed the blood. He gets a lot of head discomfort, not always pain but sometime it is pain. He still gets very tired and I have noticed his appetite is different now.


He has pushed himself as he just wants to get back to normal and is now at work 4 days a week, he says he is fine with this. He  had a routine MRI scan in Dec '17.  They didn't really say anything, just if there was anything wrong the consultant would be in touch.


We had a letter saying that all was well and he would have another MRI in June 19. Strangely he has not seen any one other than the specialist nurse ( who he saw a couple of weeks after discharge) who just talked about what happens which we thought was strange, yet with his eye he has been back 5 times for surgery check up etc.


He is really worried about a number of things:

Will this happen again?


Why does his right eye ( operation on this eye) keep having blood vessels burst?

Will he ever be free from the headaches?

Will he ever sleep properly again as he doesn't sleep properly?


We have tried everything (other than counselling as he does not want that). Our GP's mean well but don't really understand or know what to do. They have to contact the hospital for advice.

He eats healthy (but he did before and used to run 5 miles three times a week) takes vitamins, lives on pain killers etc.


If anyone has any advice, as I seem to always say the wrong thing, I would be very grateful.




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Hi Mandy and welcome to BTG.


Yes, you are doing it right, and you have come to the right place.  We can't give you medical advice for the simple reason that we are not doctors and we are not qualified.  Everyone's condition is different, so we leave that to the professionals.  However, we all have the SAH experience and others will be along soon to pass on their knowledge and experiences soon, no doubt.


Make a list of questions for the next time you go to hospital and ask them.  Don't be afraid or shy, it's what they are there for.  And we will add our experiences too.  GP's are what it says on the tin - general practitioners.  You need to ask specialists - ie the team at the hospital that treated him.


We are here all the time so come on here when you need to and we will do our best to help you as best we can - once again welcome aboard!



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Hi Mandy 


It it is a common theme that people report they are discharged  with little or no follow-up.


The nurse specialist at the hospital your husband was treated should be the person to speak to. Draw up a list of questions and  give them a call, that is what they are there for  to advise and help patients.


It is not unusual not  to be seen by the neuro surgeons post discharge. My follow up  appointment was with a nurse specialist , she was very good but at the time I was still too out of it to remember to ask things and my husband didn’t know what to ask either. In hindsight I wish we had made a list.


I hope your husband gets some answers soon especially regarding his eye. 


I too am a runner and it may help him to know that I have got back to running 5 miles 2-3 times a week. It’s taken time but it can be done, just take it slowly! 


Clare xx

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Hi there


warm welcome glad your found the site.


Hope he's eating and keeping well hydrated that helps with the headaches. 

will it happen again - probably not but we all have that burning fear gradually with time it does lessen..


funny men seem to run a mile from the word councelling (know my husband would) but councelling is very good you speak with someone that you have no emotional ties too, and they are trained for it, maybe something to concider.


your doing great tell him he's in no-way alone we've all been there...


take care

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