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Hi everyone

I know that i did have seizures in hospital, i was told by the hospital that i might get them again but so far i have been free from them. I do worry about having them especially when i am on my own. Unfortunately the medical staff at my hospital did not give much information on them to me.

I too would like more information on this.

Myra xx

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I had about 3 or 4 fits/seizures at the beginning of the SAH and one just after my coiling op. I was on an anti-epilepsy drug called Phenytoin for about 10 months after the SAH. The drug itself caused a lot of problems.

I'm now off of the AED's and haven't gone on to develop epilepsy, but I believe that there's more risk of developing epilepsy in the first 2 years after a brain injury and then after that period, the risks lessens. However, I have heard of the odd person developing epilepsy 5 or 7 years down the line.

I sometimes experience what I can only describe as "brain shaking" when I'm waking up in the morning and if I'm v.tired at night.... it doesn't worry me as much as it used to do, but must admit, that if it got worse, then I would probably take myself off down the Docs.

I was also told that nobody should go swimming by themselves after a SAH, you should take somebody with you, just in case you have a seizure in the pool. My friends son who suffers from severe epilepsy, would often have seizures at the beach and these seemed to be triggered by the light reflecting on the water.

Alcohol and binge drinking can also trigger seizures during the "hangover" period ..... irrespective of whether or not, you've had a SAH/brain injury. Alcohol can also interfere with the action of anti-epilepsy drugs.

Some seizures, can be very subtle and there are many different types .... such as absence seizures. I'll try to see if I can pull up a page link to a website specialising in seizures.



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I had a couple of seizures when I had the SAH and in hospital I was put on sodiumnvalporate (spelling :roll:) I was on that for about a year and a half, I was told that if I wanted to drive again once I was off the meds I would have to go back on them - that didnt matter to me never drove before........

I worried a lot when I came off the meds but its been fine just a case of getting used to not being on it like every thing a case of adapting.....

take care


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