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Soothing your active brain.

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I know from personal experience how difficult it is to calm our minds to a point we can relax and find peace.


Recently due to the bad weather and storms, I actually found it very relaxing. The noise of the storm, the rolling thunder, the pitter patter of the rain hitting everything in sight making soothing noises. 


The strange sounds from the rain hitting  the concrete, wood, metal, puddles and so on, was so amazingly relaxing I slept like a baby.


Storms like this don't happen often here, but, I found a way to have a storm anytime I want.


You can search online content for storm videos which are free to listen to and watch. I prefer a very dark room, the volume up a bit then for me the magic starts to work. 


I'm going to call my experience of this weather therapy, feelarama.


You can, after several sessions be able to lay there enjoying the experience and feel like you're out in the storm but not getting wet.


It works for me maybe for you too?  


Not sure, but just sharing how I relax...

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Hi Delta,


I have a shunt in my head for hydrocephalus  and when storm comes or weather is oppressive/heavy my head feels awful so I normally go to bed.


Thanks for tips though I'll try it if I can remember due to short term bad memory loss xxx 


Keep doing the Feelarama if it works for you xx




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