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My wife 2 year scan

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Hi all


My wife had a SAH 2 years ago and recently had what we thought would be her last scan.

The consultant has said though that there is still a small leak into the neck of her aneurysm so want her to keep having scans for the next year.


Should we be worried or not 'the consultant isn't the most approachable or reassuring, so I just wondered if anyone else has ever heard or had the same problem?


Many thanks. 

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the fact the dr is keeping an eye on your wife should be reassuring as you say if there is a small leak then he is acting correctly and with due diligence it is well known that surgeons seem to be very off hand to many but the fact he is keeping an eye on things should put your mind to rest and give you peace of mind good luck to you both 

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Best to keep an eye on it as recently I had a bad seizure, had them since 14 and now an old dear.


This one was different from any like I've had it was a rough one, so went and saw my Specialist in epilepsy and he said "have a scan to be safe"


So had a scan and it showed 2 small bleeds that had healed themselves and shut off by blood, the Doc said they were Chronic, I was at my wits end.


Which isn't that far ha.  Looked up  chronic bleeds and it said acute is worse than chronic phew but I was so scared.  and before that time I was telling everyone No Stress bad for us"  I didn't practise what I preached and went into panic mode big time xx 


So keep wife happy and they will look at it again and keep an eye on it (No Stress nooo stress all you want) xx 

A few on here have ones that they keep an eye on and I'm one now lol   Good luck to wife and keep her happy xxx

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Hi there.

If your wife had coiling then It could be that they will keep check and monitor to see if your wife needs more put in as sometimes  coils can compact . Other members have had this done. Not sure if she had clipping....


As of this year I will now have scans every two years  but before that had them annually from post my bleed as I have a neck on my anneurism but because of where it’s located they can’t add any more coiling. I have another small one infundubelum I think it’s called which they monitor , oh and they keep an eye on my vp Shunt  with annual checks for that. So far so good and heading for 7 years next March .


I have come to find comfort in my monitoring , hope your wife does too in time.


Also sharing i find it is worth keeping a small record card of my history in my handbag  , doctors contacts, dates and treatments  etc that way if I am  travelling away from my treating Neuro hospital and needed to get checked out which I have done on occassion ( more for my Shunt) then it makes explaining lots easier, and gets you prompt attention when they read the history, they often go paler than me! 


Take care and try not to overthink it if you can. Easier said than done so probably worst advice ever....



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