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3 month follow-up

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Hi everyone

Good news :)

I went to the neuro clinic today and got the "mostly" clear from the neurosurgeon. I say "mostly", because I will need another catheter angiogram next year and possibly further MR angiograms in the future to check on the coils.

I have also seen all of my angiogram pictures, including the ones taken prior to coiling. I found them facinating and I will try to get copies. The neurosurgeon said that the latest angio pictures look good, the artery and aneurism having been completely occluded. Only 4 coils, Sami. Can't beat your 9. :wink:

I also found out that my SAH was grade 4 (highest) on the CT scan (Fischer grade) and initially grade 2, progressing to grade 3 or 4 on the clinical (Hunt & Hess) scale.

Anyway, he is very happy with my recovery and does not need to see me again. He will just write to me after my next angiogram.



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Hey Keith

Thats good news. Well at least you beat me on the bleed scale - mine was only a 2! :wink:

I know Annie, but people keep telling me that I'm lucky to come out of it as well as I did and that they would never believe it was only three months ago.

I remember getting ready to go for the first time with the girls after my SAH and I put the CD player on and the first song that played was Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie!!!! The next one was Toxic by Britney Spears!!! My daughter had been using the CD player - I'll been expecting Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers or The Calling!!!

Anyway, glad everything went ok.

Take care

Love Sami


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