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Link to new charity founded by Game of Thrones star

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@weedrea shared these great links this week and thought it worth making more known in forum the news of young actress Emilia Clark sharing account of her SAH and now founding a charity to help rehab for younger folk impacted by this. She has had a large bleed and lasting effects but 8 yrs on has talked for the first time about this. 






"Clarke's decision to break her silence over her health problems comes as she launches her own charity, SameYou, aimed at supporting young people with brain injuries and helping them to access resources."


Also interesting piece in the New Yorker about it.


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Emilia Clark shared on FB tonight her reading  the poem by Hafiz on loneliness, "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." 

Emilia dedicates this poem to all brain injury survivors, who have survived such trauma only to emerge to this new, changed world we currently have. 


The charity ‘same you’ makes the offer that if you are a recent brain injury or stroke survivor in need of connection and holistic rehabilitatio they have funded a 6 week free service to help you recover safely at home. Check out the link here: https://spauldingrehab.org/paving-the-path-emergency?fbclid=IwAR0L9SROLelGN-C8_-GOPywdDd5c8OIFm9mP0SUF-2arZVyIiDKBrTnZn0o 

and register with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston. 


It is a six-week virtual program over Zoom for patients with low income who have recently experienced a brain and stroke injury. Please note they state Maximum enrollment is 30 openings per session due to capacity.

I personally think back to how unwell unwell I was post SAH and discharge and having had access to comething like this could have been helpful even without C19 

The poem, along with many others, is in @thepoetrypharmacy 's book available via the link here https://www.thepoetrypharmacy.com/books/


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