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Clipping and MRI

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all are well.

Has anyone who has had their aneurysm clipped had a subsequent MRI scan ?

Following my op I was told that I shouldn't have any MRI scans as there was a slight risk that the magnetism involved might dislodge the clip. So I was a little surprised when my neurosurgeon scheduled a MRI scan for me in an effort to identify the cause of my constant headache. Obviously I trust the surgeon, but am interested to read of any others experiences.


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Hi Graham-

I had both my aneurysms clipped in 1996 but 7 months apart! My first aneurysm was clipped with a HEIFITZ clip and because of where the bleed was on my 2nd aneurysm it had to be clipped with a YASARGIL clip! Now i always get mixed up which is which but i know one of them is magnetic or susseptable to magnetic fields? I was advised by the head of Medical Imaging at Doncaster Royal Infirmary not to have an MRI scan at all not even on my foot or lower body as it could well easily dislodge my clip?

I took the power upon my self armed with this information to go to the casualty department and have my medical records updated and stress that i was under no circumstances to have an MRI scan!

I was just worried in case i was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state and the hospital proceeded to carry out an MRI scan?

I hope this helps Graham? regards--BIG AL

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Hi Graham

I have 2 titanium clips and my neurosurgeon says there is no problem with having scans of any type in the future. Apparently, according to my NS, clips that were put in over about 10 years ago would be affected by MRIs etc. (didn't ask him how) but modern clips, in the main, should not be affected by or affect anything.

Hope this helps.


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My mother had the same issue and the Drs. had ot go back in her record to see which clip hers was made of. She had hers clipped 7 years ago. When they checked her records it was found that her clip was safe for MRI's. It should be in your medical records and the Drs. will be able ot determine from that if it is safe or not. My mother also has a shunt, so after the MRI they had ot reset settings because the magnetic caused the shunt to reset. But they do that immediately after so she was fine.

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Guest sarah c

Hi There,

I also had the clip I have never been told what it was made of though. The doctors at Charring Cross Hospital told my husband that I would never be able to have a MRI Scan.

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I was told today I am scheduled on the 19th for an MRI to discover what´s wrong with my left shoulder. A bit scared after what I have read. Guess I still have time to try to get through to my neurosurgeon and ask. What would I do without the info and warnings I obtain here?




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