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Alison Wertheimer's Book on SAH

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Alison Wertheimer's Book

andyp writes "A quick note to all-and some will know already of Alisons Book about journeys of recovery from SAH- due out in 2008.

Has anyone else been interviewed?

I had a few hours with Alison on tuesday which i found sort of therapeutic in a way.

I am sure the book will be of great benefit to families and new sufferers of SAH ..there really isn't much about!

Also Southampton hospital should soon have their DVD ready for patients and families as well as health professionals..did anyone take part in that ?

Also what sources of help has anyone found??"

(This article has been submitted by andyp under the "Articles" category, as well as being posted in the SAH Discussion.)

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[Hi Andy P,

Well as you know, I really enjoyed my interview with Alison Wertheimer. However, I did find it quite tiring, but would have loved to have asked Alison more about her own personal experiences of SAH. Still, being the motor mouth that I am, I ran out of time and steam! I'm very much looking forward to being around and seeing the book published. I might even buy a copy to present to my own local health centre! Even though SAH, seems to be so common, I still wonder why GP's fail to diagnose this extremely serious condition. The mortality rate of SAH is dreadfully high and it seems that lack of action by GP's is part of the reason why. Just wish that they would trust people's instincts a little more and start to listen.

As you are all aware by my previous postings, that I'm still experiencing problems post SAH, but now, I'm not content to sit back and leave my life in the hands of others. I just hope that anybody else out there, reading this and experiencing problems of their own, will trust their instincts and go back to the medics to get some answers!

Anyway, if you are reading this Alison, I really enjoyed the interview and a big "thank you".

Karen x :)


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Alison has completed all her interviews and she says she will update all those who took part every 3 months.

It is now in a state of transcribing from the many tapes that she has from the 27 interviews.

Alison has written many books on some pretty heavy issues including suicide and a quick scan through Amazon will reveal a variety of titles.

In our discussion 2 weeks ago Alison thought we may have stumbled on a possible title for the book on SAH recovery...I won't say what it is...but will be interested to know what transpires.

Alison if you do get to read this please tell us a little more!

I am going to ask Southampton where things have got to with the DVD as it has gone quiet for a few months.

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Hi Jess-You are one of about 26 then!

I guess you will know that Alison has finished the writing part now and has a manuscript ready.

The plan is that it will be out next year..and she is suggesting a meet in London when that happens for all who took part!

I am sure that will be a blast!

Hope to meet you there!

Best wishes

Andy P

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Guest sharondale

I was quite interested to see mention of this book, as it sounds a lot like the book I've just published. My book, A Change of Plans, is based on the narratives of 11 women in Canada, the UK and the US. I interviewed these women about their post-stroke experiences. When I did the research, there was nothing else like this available, so it's very interesting to see someone else doing something similar.


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