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Another symptom? Chest pain

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Hello everyone,


I know we are not allowed to give medical advice, but just curious if anyone else has experienced middle chest pain after coming home from hospital from SAH? I’ve been having it quite often and wondering if I have something else to be worried about.


It’s pretty intense and I take aspirin and it eases up. It’s a little unsettling, considering what I just went through. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated..


Please everyone take care of yourselves.

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Ditto what Sami has said.  Lots of things can happen to us and they're not all SAH linked, even though it seems logical to us because of what and when it happens.


Go and see your doctor and put your mind at rest. If there is a problem then they'll know how to resolve it.


Good luck ,



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Janeece.  The advice you have been given is good advice. The doctor could give you an ECG just to check things out.


I can vaguely remember when I was in the High dependency unit 8 weeks ago that I had to have a heart scan as there was something not quite right with the ECG readings.


I am going to check with the consultant when I see him for my follow up in January what that was about. I have had to see my GP  because of discomfort in my upper chest  and lump feeling in my throat. My GP is treating me for reflux at the moment but I have to go back in 3 weeks if no better.


There could be a few reasons but get it checked out to give you peace of mind. You are coping with enough with the recovery from the SAH.  Hope you get a doctors appointment. 

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Thank you so much Carolyn, you are a doll. I do wish they could have seen it in the hospital.


I’m very limited on being able to get around. My eyesight is still really bad. I’m hoping that will get better.


My primary care doctor took my stitches out for me on Monday. Very nice of him and gave me something for anxiety. Not being able to see, is what I believe is giving me the anxiety.


Everything else is going very well. My husband says my short term memory is off, because I keep asking the same questions over and over again. I keep telling him.. “I never asked those questions.” He said, yes you did. So funny. He told me that he would answer as many times as I asked.


Hope you are doing well with your recovery too... Take care of yourself 

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Hi Janeece

I am sorry to hear about your sight. I am sure it will get better with time. I have heard others with that problem and it has taken time to improve. Ask your do to.r or consultant if you are worried.


I have blurred vision at times and also have to close my right eye when the pain behind it gets too bad. It's not all the time but it is every day. I am still suffering from extreme fatigue and have to rest and have small naps and if I engage in a meaningful conversation I forget words. My long term memory is ok. I can also forget what I was going to say.


I have been very lucky as i look like me but behind the appearance I am not me.

I am not sure what you meant when you said you had stitches out. I didn't have any stitches

My 3 hr operation to coil the SAH was done via an artery in the groin.


I hope you are having a better day and thank you for replying. It's a lonely club we are member of.



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