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plate operation Lindab

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I am now into my 7th week of this ordeal and I was back at the hospital last week to talk about my worries about the plate operation or as its called a cranioplast?y. I now know what it going to happen in surgery but I am still so scared and to date have not spoken to anyone who has had one. This has been a total nightmare and being signed off work and told to stay at home and rest! well I just find it so hard as I am worrying all the time about going back to hospital ( as good as they were and I must say they were fantastic) nothing takes the worry away. So please anyone who has had a plate operation please get in touch and try and put my very tired mind at rest. Much love Linda B

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My friend Alex has had cranioplasty, he was in a car accident and had a dent in his skull. He was out of hospital within three days and is a lot less self concious since his OP. He had the surgery about 10-12 yrs after the accident and doesn't really talk about it. The main thing is that it was a routine elective surgery for him and there was no complications.

Try asking your local Headway about it, they are really good about this sort of thing.


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hi linda

i have watched a few crainoplastys at the hospital in queens sq london the procedure is fairly minor in itself the plate is normally preformed and is attached to the skull either with screws or glue they are not touching anything except bone so in all honesty i think you should think of it as going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled under anaesthic but waking up without the pain sweetheart please dont worry about it to much you will be out of hospital within a couple of days and getting back to normal life and remember if you bang you head on a kitchen cubboard you wont feel it lol sweetheart please please try not to worry hugs and cuddles

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