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Looking for advice

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Hi All

Have just beemn reading the news article linked by Karen Professor Yasser Metwallys' newspaper


The section regarding scanning via MRA worried me..see below

Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA): The role of MRA in the detection of SAH currently is under investigation; however, many authors believe that MRA eventually will replace conventional transfemoral cerebral angiography. Given the current limitations of MRA (eg, failure to detect posterior inferior communicating artery and anterior communicating artery aneurysms in one series) most authors feel that the risk/benefit ratio still favors conventional angiography.

My SAH was in the anterior communicating artery and was coiled by endoscopic GBM at Queens in Nottingham. The article suggests that MRA cannot detect an aneurism in the anterior communicating artery, as such I am doubtful as to the efficacy of an MRA for the follow up scans to check the placement of the coil.

Maybe I'm worrying unneccesarily, after all I'm sure the medics know what they are doing..but post SAH wit the way what passes for my brain reacts nowadays I can't help worrying.

Any comments or re-assurance would be gratefully received!



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Hi Adam.

That article was written some time ago and there is also some doubt as to the original author.

I had one follow-up catheter angiogram at 2 months. The rest were all MRA.

I think that the advances in imaging technology, That MRA is much better than it used to be. Generally, a catheter angiogram provides the fine detail required for the initial location and coiling of an aneurysm. It is an invasive procedure, and hence carries a risk, albeit a small one. I would think that risk vs benifit would determine that MRA is preferable unless there are other complications. I'm not medically qualified and these are just my opinions based on my own research and reading the experiences of others on here. If you have any concerns, I would ask the hospital for their reasons for doing an MRA instead of a catheter angiogram.



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Hi Adam,

I can understand your concerns, but the medics will know exactly where your aneurysm is located, this time around and the scans are shorter, because of this factor.

I've had MRA's and I also asked for a copy of my scans/angio on a disk (which you have to pay for) and the pictures were perfect of the coiled aneurysm. Perhaps it may allay your fears to ask them, if they will provide the same for you and then you can view it yourself on your PC?......might give you some peace of mind?

I had everything put onto a disk, as I was told that my coils had settled and have been left with a neck on the aneurysm. However, when I looked at the angio picture taken immediately after the coiling op, I could see that they probably couldn't fill the neck, as it was quite small.....

Catheter angiography has always been considered the best procedure for detecting aneurysms, but as I said earlier, they will know exactly where to locate your aneurysm this time.... as Keith has said, give the hospital a ring if you're worried....it might put your mind at rest.

What hospital were you coiled at Adam? ..... as some seem to vary with their follow up procedure...

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Sorry Adam, I'm having a lousy day on the typing and reading front! I can see that you've said you were coiled at Queens ..... I think that we have a few on here that were coiled at Queens and were followed up with a MRA, rather than angiography ....

Would definetly give them a ring though. x

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No problem Adam ..... Keith is always spot on with his info ..... where I tend to waffle away!:wink:

The anxiety factor is pretty huge in the early years of recovery .....which is only to be expected, after such a major health scare and life change.... but we have a few on BTG that have been treated at Queens and they're still with us ..... I'm hoping that you will go to the next support meet at QMC? ..... I'm sure that it will help to talk face to face with people that have been through the same.

It really does get easier with time and re-building your confidence .... I had a look back at my very early posts on BTG and I was the same as you and everybody else that has suffered a SAH....

It's a huge shock and we're all looking for guarantees, that we won't have to suffer the same again .... time does re-build that faith and confidence.

Good luck Adam and anything that preys on your mind, then please feel free to ask away ..... that's what we're here for.....

I'm sure that your posts help a lot of other SAH'ers now .... let alone in the future..x

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re your concerns the hospital would have had a superb view of what was going on when you were coiled via angiogram when placing the coils as keith and karen has mentioned ask for a disc with scan 's on that will put your mind at rest the angios are more spot on so please dont worry to much youve done the hard bit enjoy and be happy

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