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Angiogram and CT images

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I've just received a CD of my angiogram and CT images from Southampton (cost me 25 quid) and have been aquainting myself with my aneurism. Sad, I know, but all this stuff facinates me! It's amazing how something so small can cause such a big problem. My aneurism was only about 6mm x 4mm but it shows quite clearly on the pre-coiling angio images and the coils show up well on the post coiling images. The CT scans are a bit boring, but the coils do show on them as well. I've just got to figure out how to extract the images from the CD in a form that can be viewed without the supplied viewing software, but I think I have a solution for that. Still, it's something for me to look at when I'm bored. :lol:



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Hey there

That must be great - to be able to see it whenever you wnat to. My surgeon showed me pics of mine when I had my follow up appt but all I saw was an outline of my head and then what looked like star burst where it popped around my right temple area.

Think I'll ask my sister in law if she can get her Neuro friend to get me a copy of my scans.

Hope you're well today

Sami xx

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Hi there

Cant say its something that I've been interested in then maybe its because it all is kind of way over my head - excuse the pun.... I have seen all my images though. For me though its kind of happened & I have to move on from it not dwell on it like looking at what's happened.

Ronnie was more interested than me I reckon.

I'd never heard of them giving you a CD of it (not free I know)

Still that's just me.... :roll:

Take care

And nice hearing from you Sami.


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