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Need help with questions please.

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My 75 year old mom had sudden onset of double vision, extreme confusion one day last summer.


At first.. thought dehydrated or something.. after drinking pedialyte she was a little better.. took her to her dr, they sent her to neurologist and he found a meningioma on brain.


Took her to eye doctor..eyes had no change from the previous visit. 

She started having pass out spells, thankfully the first two me or my son were right there and caught her so she didn't hit the ground.. the 3rd time she passed out she wasn't so lucky.. fractured skull and 3 brain bleeds..we are extremely lucky she's still here!


Neurologist says she's having seizures when she has those spells. The reason I wrote all above is maybe someone has been through something similar .. I've told this to every dr and nurse that will listen.. all I get is.. that's odd. For the symptoms to just show up one day out of the blue.. it's just odd in my opinion.


So, if anyone can offer anything .. I'd love to read! Mom's home now..I live with her because she can no longer live alone. I'm married with one child still at home.. work full time.. to say it's been stressful is an understatement. Times like these.. you find out you're all of a sudden an only child!


Thankfully I have a wonderful mother in law and an ex sister in law that helps out a lot!

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Hi Jennifer :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG.

So sorry to hear your Mom has been so poorly. Such a very worrying stressful time for you. So pleased you found us. You will find a wealth of information here and lots of friendly caring support. 


Sometimes these things do just happen and we never get answers as to why. It is very odd i agree. I had a brain stem aneurysm that ruptured. Symptoms just came out of the blue. I was perfectly healthy in every way. I was 45 when it happened.


Its good to hear you are getting some help from family, as being a carer, also working full time must be exhausting.

Make sure you also look after you and find some me time where you can totally relax.


Feel free to ask any questions and join in the daily banter in the Green room.  We cant give medical advice, but can share our experiences. 




Wishing you and your Mom well and look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx



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Welcome to BTG, Jennifer!


I am sorry the doctors nor nurses don't have answers for you. As Tina have said, these things happened and we just cannot get answers as to why. My experience is very different to your Moms'. I've had two ruptured aneurysms 10 years apart at the same location and I have stopped asking why. Acceptance is hard but eventually I was able to and shifted my focus on how blessed I am to have survived both. 


Your Mom is truly lucky to have survived and luckier to have a caring daughter. I understand how trying this time must be for you. I am glad you have some help. I do not know where you are from but I hope you can find resources to help you and your Mom. I am in Canada and your Mom is a senior and should be eligible to supports such as homecare, financial support, etc. 


Do not forget to take care of yourself also. And, we are always here if you need a listening and caring ear. 🙂 



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Thanks so much for your comment!  I'm in the US .. mom's on a 6 month waiting list for help.. I'm just doing everything possible to keep her out of a nursing home!  So thankful for my mother in law for volunteering to take her every day while I work.. before this, I didn't have much good to say about her.. now, you won't catch me saying a word other than how thankful I am for her!


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