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Nausea Problems

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Since having my SAH I still suffer from nausea and it can be quite bad at times especially when I over do it I do take medications but that gives me an upset stomach ache.

Does anyone here also suffer from nausea after having SAH, the neurologist told me that it will pass but it has been over a year and there is still no improvement.

Myra xx

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SNAP I am still suffering with nausea and upset tummy x x x x x

The joys hey x x x x x x But we will get better we cant think any other x x x these feelings also bring on my anxiety and even sometimes panic attacks x x x

lots of love to you



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Guest mollie

Strangely I have only just started suffering nausea to any degree. I did have it post op at the beginning but it seems to be with me constantly at the moment and it actually makes me be physically sick on occasion. I told my doc when I saw him yesterday but as usual nothing was done.

Like you Perry it's when I overdo it or eat too much " normal sized meal"

I will mention it when I go to see my nuerologist at Walton in September "if i remember........lol"

Mollie xxx

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Guest ElaineW

Hi there - mum still sufffers from nausea 15 months on and still takes 3 anti-sickness tablets a day and knows it if she misses one. She never got any answers for it and unfortuately has just had to accept it. I hope yours improves as I know how it can make mum feel.


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Guest cyclesa

My best friend of 35 years had surgery for a ruptured brain aneurysm approx. 3 weeks ago. She had vasospasms for almost a week after. She now is unable to keep anything in her stomach. We are going on day 5 of no nourishment to speak of. She had a feeding tube put in her stomach but still throws up and they are now suggesting another procedure to put one into her intestines. She is very weak and has fought so hard!! We are very scared and the docs do not seem to know how to help her really but are poking around in the dark. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is anyone in Houston and do you know where the best place is for recovery for her? We are feeling desperate and looking to bring in a second opinion or perhaps transfer her to another facility. Thanks for any help you can give! :frown:

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Hi Cyclesa.... so sorry to hear about your friend....i am from the Uk but there are others here from you side of the pond that hopefully can help you regarding other facilities and where you may be able to seek a second opinion. I wish your and your friend all the very best at this very worrying time.

Take care

Love Tina xx

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