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Hormone Testing

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Evening All

Well tired now but had a good day. The support group meeting in Liverpool was really well attended.

The Sah nurse from Walton came along and explained the Hormone tests that are being carried out the first group tested was of 10 people who had recently had an SAH the findings obviously are not yet conclusive but some of those tested proved to have just borderline defiencies and wiill be undergoing further tests at regular intervals.

It is also thought that pituitary problems are more likely with certain types of bleeds, those more in line with the pituitary which is situated towards the centre of the brain but in line with between the eyes.

My visit to Walton was fruitless although I did see my Consultant Mr Eldridge and he did explain that the headpain will probably be permanent he thinks it maybe a nerve pressing against something but apparently the only way to find out would be an MRI which I can't have because of the clip. His Registrar had said it would be safe so obviously some confliction of opinion there. Think I'll take Mr Eldridges word for it he knows what type of clip he used.

The treatment is with either anti-depressants or anti-epilepsy drugs already tried a few he will be faxing my G.P with other suitable drugs to try. Had he been able to see what is causing the problem he said another treatment was surgical intervention which in my case he is not prepared to offer just as well as would not have considered that option so will have to carry on living with it.

The Consultant also said with regards to hormone tests that a bleed in the area of mine is not thought to affect the pituitary so hopefully my test results when completed will be fine. Walton Neurosurgeons are now referring patients who ask to the Endocrinologist for hormone testing so the original few tested has led to it being available in our area. Hopefully this will be something that will roll out to all other health areas in time.

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Hi Janet,

I must admit, that in my early recovery days I was put off from attending the Wessex Neuro support meets because they were in the evening ..... I was just too tired to think about doing a 25 mile journey to the hospital and then to sit through a meeting. It seems like a good idea to hold them in the afternoon if they're able to and interesting to hear that the attendance was greater than normal.

It's good to see that they will carry on with the hormone testing and hope that they pass on their findings/results to other Neuro Hospitals in the UK.

Hope that you eventually get some joy with the medication Janet, I suppose that it's trial and error in finding something that suits you and can do the job.

Keep us posted and good luck. xx

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Hi Janet...really hope you get something sorted out for your pain xx

There is no support group in my area at all.....i would have done anything to have had a chance to attend...thank God for BTG :-D xx

Janet...when i had my MRI scan...that i did not really need in the end :roll: they put me in feet first....there was major disagreements about if i was compatible...was scary for me.....my Consultant said yes everyone else said no.....would not touch me!!

I have col bolt chromium clip on aneurysm but titanium plates and screws in side of head and cheek bone.

I listened to my Consultant...as you say they know what they used.

Take care and good luck with hormone testing.

Love and hugs Tina xx

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Hi Jan,

It sounds like you have now been told exactly the same with my headaches and nerve pain. As you know I am taking a higher dose of anti depressants. I've been told that they have to be careful of what they give me cos of my chest (caused by SAH) but would be interested to know what your consultant tells your doc so I can ask my doc as well.

They never offered me a MRI to find out......they just said it was permanent!

I did the same though as just took my consultant for gospel, they are supposed to know what they are doing :wink:

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