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A year after Mom's SAH question

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My mom had a subarachnoid hemorrhage..fell, fractured skull with 3 brain bleeds almost a year ago. Lately, she's been complaining of pain in both hips/legs and some significant confusion.. like driving our normal route home and she all of a sudden thinks she's never been this way. Kind of freaked me out a bit. She goes back to her neurologist in a few weeks.. just wondering if anyone has experienced this themselves or with a loved one?

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Hi Jennifer,


I agree with both Susan's and Super Mario's replies.


UTI's/kidney infection can cause the problems that your Mom is experiencing....confusion as well.  Defintely get her a Docs appointment as it's something that can possibly be easily fixed with a course of antibiotics. A lot of the elderly don't drink enough fluids which can lead to a UTI because of dehydration ... so make sure that she keeps hydrated in the meanwhile. 


I had a UTI a couple of years ago .... I'm 58 and thought that I was going a bit doolally with it .... it was sorted with some antibiotics.




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It would also be worth having a review of her medications - has she started something new recently?


My dear old mam was hypersensitive to lots of drugs and antidepressants in particular would cause confusion/delusions.

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