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sore area on face

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Hi everyone

I have a second upruptured aneursym which the doctors are keeping an eye on. The consultant said it is situated in the space between my eyes. For the past few years I've had a very painful area just there - a sharp pain which I feel when I press on that area. The doctors say it's nothing to do with the little aneurysm but I feel it is too much of a coincidence and it must be pressing on a nerve or something.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything like this? Now that I feel I am reasonably well after the my SAH nearly 2 years ago (progress has been very slow but seems to be continuing) I do worry that it could happen again.

What would anyone advise?

best wishes


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Hi Anne,

I had a third nerve palsy to my right eye after my aneurysm ruptured. I had been experiencing eye problems and feeling as though something was "stuck" in my eye for quite a few years, before it ruptured. It was hard to explain, but I could kind of "feel" my eyeball ... but, it didn't feel right.

I would go back, put some pressure on and see if they will agree to give you a scan, so that you can at least get some peace of mind, as the worry won't be helpful to your recovery.

Wishing you the very best of luck and try not to worry, easier said than done, I know .....xx

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hi sorry to hear of your problem I'm a carer to my wife she says she gets a pulling feeling in the front of her head when she goes to stand up at times and also a pain in the head if she cough's not the same i know but maybe these pains go with the territory

Good luck Rod

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Hi Anne......i was the same as karen....i still get that feeling now with my right eye.....especially when tired. I would go back as karen has said and tell them that it is really bothering you and get them to check some more....you take care Anne.

Love Tina xx

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